Making Heroes: Harnessing the Power of the Hero's Journey

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Course Description

We've all heard people say "life is about the journey"--but what if that journey has left us frustrated, lost, and looking for guidance? Making Heroes looks at the archetype of the Hero's Journey as it applies to literature, and then expands that knowledge to include how the steps to the journey apply to each of us in our own lives. The heroes and villains in the stories we love are more like us than we think, and if we use their journeys as a guide our own journeys can be more meaningful than ever before.

Designed for anyone looking to understand the stories that move us as well as their own paths, Making Heroes takes you through the steps of the Hero's Journey and then guides you through recognizing those steps in your own life. Using that knowledge, you can see opportunities instead of obstacles, allies instead of enemies, and meaning when things don't seem to go the way we thought they should. You are living the Journey right now--it's time to understand how to make it work for you!

Expected Outcomes

  1. Identify the steps of the Hero’s Journey
  2. Recognize and analyze the steps in literature, movies, television shows, etc.
  3. Apply the steps from the Hero's Journey to their own lives to gain a new perspective on their own journeys.