Maltese Levels 1 & 2 Certification

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Course Description

Maltese – Level 1

Maltese is the official language, along with English, of the islands of Malta. These unique islands are found between Italy and the continent of Africa, full of rich history and culture that has been infused into their language. The ancient culture has been intertwined with many others, including the French, the British, the Moors, and the Knights of Saint John. Due to this interesting mix of connections and culture, Maltese has developed into an intriguing language full of influences and unique words. Although Malta is a small collection of islands, the language is certainly larger than life. Malta is a great language to learn, especially for learners coming from an English or Latin-influenced background. Although it has heavy Arabic influences, Maltese still uses the Latin alphabet. Whether you’re traveling to Malta, talking to Maltese speakers, or simply looking for an interesting language to tackle- Level 1 Maltese is the ideal place for you to start. The goal of this level is to give you the confidence to begin holding conversations in Maltese, while also expanding and practising your vocabulary steadily.

Benefits of Taking This Course:

  • Learn a unique language with a wide variety of influences, including Arabic and Italian
  • Start off your Maltese education with short, easy to digest modules that will give you plenty of opportunity to practise your skills
  • Gain a solid foundation of vocabulary, grammar, and verb details
  • Learn about Maltese sentence structure and types of words
  • Gain the confidence to hold conversations in Maltese

You Will Learn:

  • How to introduce yourself and hold a short conversation in Maltese
  • How to count to 20 as well as name the countries in Maltese
  • How to ask and answer basic questions
  • The verb ‘to be’ and how to conjugate it properly
  • How to ask for help, describe things, and explain things in Maltese

Maltese – Level 2

Learning Maltese is a uniquely interesting and useful challenge. The language of the islands of Malta has been heavily influences by Arabic, Italian, and plenty of other sources. If you’ve already learned some Maltese and want to improve your skills, this Level 2 course is the perfect fit for you. Many Maltese words are quite similar to English and Italian words, making it quite easy to expand your vocabulary if you’re familiar with these languages. However, it’s also essential to learn the ins and outs of grammar, sentence structure, syntax, and verbs. That’s why Level 2 focuses on diving deeper into these details of the language. In this Level 2 course you will undertake modules focusing on other verb tenses, nouns, and expressing possibility. The goal of this course is to equip you with more and more Maltese skills while also giving you the opportunity to continually practise and expand your existing knowledge. Practice makes perfect when it comes to any language. That’s especially true of Maltese, since it’s mainly only spoken in one small corner of the world!

You Will Learn:

  • How to express, tell, and ask about time in Maltese
  • New verbs that are commonly used and how to properly conjugate them
  • New verb tenses to talk about the present and the future
  • A wide array of new vocabulary words
  • How to discuss new topics such as clothes, the beach, requests, and problems

Benefits of Taking This Course:

  • Improve your existing Maltese skills, expanding your vocabulary and becoming more and more familiar with the specificities of the language
  • Master one of the most unique Latin-based languages in existence
  • Gain an understanding of Maltese to help you in business and tourism situations
  • Get the chance to both practise your Maltese skills while also adding new words and capabilities to your repertoire
  • Gain new opportunities in one of the most intriguing cultures in the world