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OpManager Plus provides real-time monitoring of the status, availability, health, and performance of all network devices for both physical and virtual servers through various protocols.

The primary objective of this opmanager course is to enable you to effectively monitor your network and its resources using OpManager. In this opmanager training, you will learn about the best practices, tips, and tricks that help you get started with ManageEngine opmanager features.

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If you are an IT Manager, System Administrator, or an Operator, and have deployed OpManager in your network for monitoring, this opmanager course helps you optimize network performance monitoring.

ZOHO Corporation provides network monitoring manageengine affordable monitoring software for the management and provisioning of complex networks, systems, and IT applications. With a broad product portfolio and an active customer base ranging from enterprises, equipment vendors, and service providers, ZOHO Corp. has emerged as a very affordable and high-quality alternative to expensive software that is common in this industry and network monitoring manageengine

OpManager is an end-to-end network management software for heterogeneous, multi-vendor enterprise IT networks. It offers a unified approach to scale and manages distributed IT infrastructure, advanced fault and performance management functionality across critical IT resources viz. network devices, WAN or VoIP links, servers, virtual servers (VMware and Hyper-V), Domain controllers, MS Exchange, MS SQL, and other IT infrastructure components in manageengine training and certification

When you identify server performance degradation, the usual suspects are CPU, Memory, and Disk. ManageEngine Applications Manager provides you with critical JVM metric information essential to track the performance of OpManager. You can monitor metrics (like CPU and memory usage and thread count) and make decisions on how to scale the application’s capacity (based on memory utilization and CPU usage). Drill down the reports from the dial graphs to see the detailed performance statistics using the granular reports and act on the findings in manageengine monitoring course

Applications Manager provides you with critical information (like CPU and memory usage, thread count, and PGSQL database details) essential to track the performance of OpManager. Let’s take a look at what you need to see to monitor OpManager and the performance metrics to gather with Applications Manager, in this manageengine training and certification course I will explained how to monitor applications

It supports NetFlow, sFlow, cFlow, J-Flow, AppFlow, FNF, IP FIX, and NetStream to help you drill down to the root level of traffic and effectively manage bandwidth with network monitoring manageengine

It helps to automate device backup changes and provides detailed information on all your network devices and their configurations.

OpManager Plus extends support to your firewalls by collecting, analyzing, and archiving log data. It also manages IP addresses and switches ports easily. in this manageengine training and certification course I a using OpManager Plus to show you how you can easily manage your network

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Make the most out of your investment with me. my training sessions help you realize the benefits of deploying the ManageEngine Suite and maximize IT productivity. They also help you choose the right application to fulfill your company’s specific needs. I will give you the extra edge where you understand your requirements and drive ManageEngine applications to do the job for you. see the opmanager demo

You can visit ManageEngine to see a live demo of Opmanager

ManageEngine opmanager features and opmanager demo

manageengine opmanager features:

Monitor your network with 2000+ performance metrics along with intuitive dashboards, instant alerts and intelligent reporting.

Router Monitoring

Get critical insights on router performance with metrics like errors and discards, voltage, temperature, buffer statistics, etc.

Switch Monitoring

Switch port monitoring with port-wise traffic control and switch port mapping to identify devices connected to a port.

WAN RTT Monitoring

Continuously monitors WAN link availability, latency, and performance leveraging Cisco IP SLA technology.

VoIP Monitoring

Proactively monitors VoIP call quality across WAN infrastructure and troubleshoot poor VoIP performance.

Network Mapping

Automatic L1/L2 network mapping to visualize and pinpoint network outages and performance degradation.

Expected Outcomes

  1. This opmanager training course contains a high-level overview of manageengine opmanager features
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  3. Manage users and user groups to assign fine-grained control to the people that use and manage your opmanager installation
  4. Install and configure your own opmanager server with the required database and manageengine opmanager features
  5. opmanager training course setup screens and maps to visualize the state of your network and keep track of complex infrastructures
  6. Automatically monitor servers in your network by managing hosts and using automatic host discovery on this manageengine training courses
  7. Manage triggers to identify a problem in your infrastructure. Add trigger dependencies to avoid redundant alerts in manageengine opmanager features
  8. Setup specific actions to provide alerts to the required contacts or automatically try to fix the issues in this opmanager training course
  9. Learn how to monitor the availability of network devices that are ping-able or SNMP enabled in this opmanager demo
  10. Learn how to monitor the virtual server performance metrics of the devices by this manageengine opmanager features course