Manifest Your Dreams with EFT

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Course Description

This course is your action plan for the year.

You take action by using EFT every day. EFT keeps you clear and focused.

The past year had positive moments and trials. You cannot move forward if you carry any resentment or fear of failure from the year before. Your intentions must be clear, your focus sharp and your motivation high.

This course will help you gain clarity, focus and take action.

Tap out the prior year’s fears and failures. EFT teaches how to let go of what you don’t want and tap in what you do want. What if you could get clear on what you want? What if you created one goal, or perhaps more than one, for the new year. 90% don’t keep their new year’s resolutions.

What if you tapped every day for clarity?

What if you tapped every day to get one foot out of bed 10 minutes early?

What if you tapped every night for a good night’s sleep?

I will help you choose manageable goals and keep them. I made a commitment to myself last year to exercise. I now work with a personal trainer 2 days a week and do cardio another 2 days a week. I am accountable to myself and friends with whom I have chosen to share my goals. I have other goals that I share with others who keep me accountable.

Success with EFT every day.

Enroll today and change your life!

Expected Outcomes

  1. Be able to tap out disappointments, anger, and failures from the past year
  2. Able to create goals and manifest results quickly and easily