Manifesting to Your True Heart's Desires MASTER COURSE...

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Course Description

Are You READY for Really Great CHANGE in Your Life? Meaning, Are You Now Ready to STEP UP and Into Who Your REALLY Want to Be; in Accordance to Whom You Really ARE, from Deep Inside of You.. and Not in Accordance to Who Someone Else Wants for You to Be here Now, for Them? And if You ARE... then just, How Do You Suppose that You Will Begin in the Doing of JUST THAT?

Well, I can simply SHOW you the Ways to Your True Heart's Desires and to Whom You REALLY Are from Deep Inside of You; in Accordance to Who You Once WERE, but Not Only that... but that, WE Can then ACCESS All that Much More from Within this Series here Now (DOing "AS" this); which just Means, (to Step Up and Into) ALL of this... And You Will Begin to See, BIG CHANGES Come Into Your Life and Into Your BEing here Now too!

So What We are going to be Doing is some Actual "Regressive Therapy", in which We Take You to a TIME/PLACE/SPACE in which you then (ARE Able to ACCESS Yourself); just So Much More than You ARE Now Able to...

So SEEK within this COURSE, if You ARE Looking for New Ways or NEW AVENUES to Go Down from within Your Spiritual BEing's and Knowing's... and Simply Access there, Soooo Much More from within this Time/Space Dimensionality and We, the Angels and (Myself) CAN Bring You to a Much BETTER Understanding of Yourself; and In ALL that You both Desire and Deserve!!

These Course Studies INCLUDE: A Look into Your Past Programming's and INTO Why You ARE the Way You ARE, And Why You DO the Things You DO... and So Much More...

So Join Us Now for this SPECTACULAR Event in Processing You ALL, for here today and Always then! ~ The Angels from Within the Angelic Realms/Your Spiritual Guides of Love and Light, via Our Spiritual Channel/Processor, Shannon Lynn (Yung)

Expected Outcomes

  1. These course materials will help you to first, Create the Life of Your True Dreams by ACCESSING Your Past Lives... as well as Creating Avenues for You to Go Down with Regards to Your Interior Guidance System in a Systematic Sense of Creation; through the Use of Your Senses towards Automatic Creation/ Manifestation Materials and Coaching!
  2. After taking this course, you will have had the opportunity to ACCESS Past Life Information/ Guidance; Knowing's of Who You Were, Are and In Whom You Now Want to Be...