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Manufacturing Engineering is a branch of professional engineering which involves numerous concepts,subjects and processes. Metal casting being one of the most eminent“.

The main motive of this course is to make you understand the CASTING process in greater detail without taking much of your time. The prime focus here is the traditional casting process (Sand casting). However, modern casting techniques as such Die casting, Centrifugal casting, Investment casting etc. will also be covered.

For the sake of better understanding. I have made the explanatory diagrams by myself because in many textbooks they look very complex.The language used in the course is very simple and to the point. ENROLL Now !!

Expected Outcomes

  1. Traditional casting process (Sand casting)
  2. Pattern and Mould – Types of pattern material,Pattern allowances,Types of sand mould,Binders and Additives etc.
  3. Gating system – Elements,Accessories,Characteristics,Gating ratio,Aspiration effect,Cores and Chaplets,Solidification time,Riser design etc.
  4. Modern casting methods (Die casting,Slush casting,Shell moulding,Centrifugal casting,Investment casting)
  5. BONUS – Grain behavior in casting,Casting defects