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Have you reached a point in your marriage or other love relationship where you wonder if the relationship can be saved?  Should the relationship end? Making an emotional decision can be challenging

I created this course so that you can learn a clear reliable method to makes this tough decision. 

Are you ready to closely examine your relationship

My name is Crystal Hutchinson Tummala.  I am the founder of Pursuing Wisdom Academy. 

Join 72,000 students in 180 countries taking Pursuing Wisdom Academy courses.   

In this course you will:

  • Learn about SWAT analysis

  • Learn how to use this powerful decision making tool

  • Learn how to apply this analysis to relationships

  • Learn a positive way to end a relationship, if necessary

  • Learn about a 31 day post-breakup process

Enroll today to learn this powerful process.  The course comes with a risk free, 30-day money back guarantee.  You will enjoy lifetime access to the course.  You will also have access to any future updates to the course. 

I am a full time instructor.  If you have any questions reach out to me on the Q&A section of the course and you will get a response.

I look forward to seeing you inside the course.   

Expected Outcomes

  1. Learn A Powerful Decision Making Tool
  2. Learn To Apply This Powerful Tool To Your Relationship
  3. Get Logical Clear Facts To Make A Well Reasoned Decision
  4. Learn A 31 Day Process For Relationship Recovery