Master 12 Step Recovery - this program has helped millions!

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Course Description

Get 10 hours of video content, quizzes, and a 170 page workbook

If you want to just sit back and watch the videos – that's OK. By watching the videos you will gain knowledge on subjects ranging from alcoholism and the nature of addiction to knowing exactly what one needs to do to have and grow a spiritual experience

If you would like to have a spiritual experience – simply fill in the workbook lessons as we go along.

You can print the workbook pages from the course workbook's PDF file, or you can purchase the workbook at Amazon.

Then just simply watch all the videos in order, answer the quiz questions, and complete the workbook assignments as we move along. The whole process should take about 15-20 hours.

You do not need to have an AA Big Book with you complete the course.

Expected Outcomes

  1. If you have a family member or members who are alcoholics or addicts you will learn exactly what they need do to achieve and maintain long term sobriety i.e. stay clean. Also (just as important) if you choose to work these 12 Steps you too can have a spiritual experience or spiritual awakening and learn how to grow it. Like millions of others - you too can learn to live a spiritual life
  2. Learn how to live alcohol and drug free
  3. Find the same lasting peace-of-mind millions have found
  4. Learn how to effectively meditate and therefore access wisdom and power that will transform your life – go from a life of striving to a life of thriving