Master Corporate Dressing

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Course Description

It is rightly said that " a man is known by his dress and address" donning the right business attire will not only help you make the mark of your own but climb the success ladder in the shortest possible time time span.Do not pull anything from your wardrobe and wear it to work. Remember you cannot wear wear you party outfit to work just because it is expensive and look good on you. It is not necessary that a shirt that look good on you five years ago will still look good on you today. Know what you are wearing. Do not step out of your home unless you see yourself in full length in the mirror.

Do not wear loud colors to work. Blue, Charcoal grey, white, black, khaki are essentially some colors which every business wardrobe should have. Colours based on a neutral color palette look good at the workplace. Be very careful about the fit of your dress. Do not wear something which is too tight or too loose on you. Females ought to avoid body hugging and revealing tops to work. Dress with a deep necklace are not meant to be worn at offices. Skirts should not be above the knee. Females should prefer wearing flats to work. Avoid being a make-up box. Females with long hair can tie their hair in a neat bun or a high pony tail.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Understand business dressing etiquette
  2. Learn corporate dressing for men
  3. Learn corporate dressing for women
  4. Learn corporate dressing and personal grooming
  5. Learn corporate dressing for workplace success
  6. Learn corporate dressing for personality development
  7. Learn personal grooming tips for men
  8. Learn personal grooming tips for women
  9. Learn dressing rules all men should follow
  10. Learn awesome clothing tips no woman should ever miss