Master Microsoft Outlook 2016 the Easy Way

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Course Description

Do you need to stay up to date with the latest upgrades to Microsoft Outlook 2016? Are you an individual or office professional who wants to stay on top of your inbox or scheduling?

Get Organized, Productive, and Stay on Schedule with Microsoft Outlook 2016!

Topics include:

  • Create and send messages

  • Organize email

  • Work with email attachments

  • Create and manage meetings

  • Adding contacts

  • Searching for contacts

  • Setting up and managing accounts

  • Creating tasks

  • Archiving email

  • Using mail merge

All the Tools You Need to Master Microsoft Outlook 2016

When you sign up for this course, you’ll gain access to 8 hours of video content – as well as special exercises and quizzes. After absorbing this comprehensive course, you’ll be able to impress your colleagues with your knowledge and productivity. You will of course receive a certificate of completion when you’re finished to let others know of your accomplishment.

We present all the videos in this course in crisp, easy-to-watch HD for optimal learning speed and clarity. With these tools, you’ll find out what’s new in Microsoft Outlook 2016, the basics of the Outlook interface, and how to work in the user interface. From keyboard shortcuts to using Outlook on a touch device, you’ll discover the pro techniques that save time and effort with this sophisticated software platform.

You’ll learn to create, reply to, and manage email messages, and also organize your messages using folders. Precise meeting setup and management of meetings can turn an amateur into a productivity pro. With this course, you’ll learn to seamlessly integrate new contacts into your address book. You can easily view and share calendars with others in Microsoft Outlook 2016, create a to-do list, and print your calendar to share with others. In addition, this course describes how to create time-saving rules to filter your email based on your own needs and requirements.

You’ll even find out how to use the mail merge feature to merge your contact information stored in Outlook 2016 to a Microsoft Word document.

Whether you’re new to this software platform or just need an update on the latest features and pro tips, this course has everything you need to be productive and organized!

This course includes:

  • Exercise files

  • Demo files used by the instructor

  • An optional quiz to test what you've learned

  • Certificate of completion

Expected Outcomes

  1. Setting up email accounts
  2. Using Outlook on a touch device
  3. Creating and sending email messages
  4. Organizing email
  5. Calendar appointments and attachments
  6. Create and manage meetings
  7. Adding email signatures
  8. How to archive email
  9. Spam and junk mail removal
  10. Creating and managing tasks and reminders
  11. Using the mail merge feature to import contact information to Microsoft Word
  12. Adding, managing and searching contacts in the address book
  13. Creating filters to automate incoming messages