Master Your Mindset - Tap Away Toxic Thoughts with EFT

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Course Description

Become the master of your Mindset and your Emotions

You have surely tried to 'manage' your emotions with positive thinking, self-help books or by simply distracting yourself by keeping busy.

As you already know, these approaches don't really work. At best, they give you temporary relief from emotions such as anxiety, worry, frustration or panic.

Welcome to the future: you are about to learn a cutting-edge technique that produces real-world results within minutes!

Within just a few minutes of applying this tapping technique, you will notice physical feelings of stress starting to shift and melt away from your body. It's an incredible experience.

Your conscious mind won't understand why you feel calmer, but nevertheless, you will.

As a Mindset Coach for over 17 years, I am a Master NLP Practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and a highly experienced 'tapping practitioner'. I have created these tap along videos at the request of the thousand of clients who I've helped to breakthrough their fears and insecurities.

I've created a techniques that I call 'Neuro Linguistic Tapping (NLT)'. NLT integrates elements of NLP with the framework of tapping.

NLT has helped thousands of people around the world to let go of unwanted emotional stress, and to break through the subconscious barriers that were holding them back in life.

In these 'tap-along' session videos, you will be personally guided by me, Tim Robins, the creator of Neuro Linguistic Tapping.

You'll come away from these videos feeling noticeably calmer, happier and more confident.

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Expected Outcomes

  1. A mindset-changing technique for calming your mind and releasing unwanted emotional stress within minutes.
  2. How to quieten your inner critic
  3. Release anxiety and worry in minutes
  4. Build your inner confidence