Mastering MS Excel 101 (with exercises and solution videos)

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Course Description

Hello there and welcome to Mastering Microsoft Excel 101

You have come to the right place if you want to improve your Microsoft Excel skills. This course will help you feel confident rather than intimidated by Microsoft Excel.

Excel has played a big part in my working career as a university lecturer, management consultant and analytics manager. I hope that you too can make Excel work for you.

This course is structured from basic topics to more advanced ones, but you're welcome to skip and jump to any chapter that meets your work, life or interest needs. Each chapter includes downloadable files that you can use to practice what was discussed in each video or to test your overall knowledge. Remember, only by practicing will your skills improve.

Happy learning!


Expected Outcomes

  1. Enter data in any format (e.g. numbers, text or dates)
  2. How to select data and navigate Excel in a quick and efficient way
  3. How to format cells so that data is easy to read and understand
  4. Manage, clean and organize large tables or spreadsheets
  5. Use formulas and functions for completing calculations (SUM, COUNT, AVERAGE, etc.)
  6. Dealing with annoying errors in Excel
  7. How to copy and paste data (and how to manage formulas and formatting)
  8. How to fix cell references using the "$" symbol
  9. Using Text based formulas (e.g. TRIM, PROPER, and CONCATENATE)
  10. The power of the IF function and its derivatives (e.g. AND, OR, SUMIF, COUNTIF)
  11. Advanced referencing functions - VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP and OFFSET
  12. Drawing visually effective graphs and charts (and how to format them)