Mastering Your iPhone

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Course Description

When you learn the ins and outs of your iPhone you'll absolutely love the increased efficiency, organization, and entertainment that awaits you.

You will learn how to use iPhone Apps that come with every new iPhone from Mail to Messages, Safari to Music, Contacts to Calendar and more. You'll also learn useful global iPhone skills like SIRI, Dictation, and help with Settings.

Chet Davis delivers the instruction in this class in bite-sized lessons that enable you to learn quickly and put it into use right away. Chet's enthusiastic, expert teaching will ensure that you will learn a lot - and enjoy it as you progress.

The Mastering iPhone Tips And Tricks course is structured so you can move through each lesson in sequence and end up with a rock solid mastery of your iPhone - or you can jump into a specific section and learn just the App or Operation you want.

You've spent some hard-earned cash on your iPhone (and you're paying a chuck of change for the monthly service plan)... why not get the most of this cool mobile device.

Take this Mastering iPhone Tips And Tricks course right now and learn how to use iPhone smartly.


Expected Outcomes

  1. By the end of this class you will have an understanding on the function and operation of your iPhone, and be able to successfully use the default (included) iPhone Apps. Here is some of what you will learn:
  2. With the unique QuickStart section, you can view 12 short videos to help you quickly learn to perform a common iPhone task or operation right now. Then, come back and thoroughly learn all the options in the full, comprehensive lessons.
  3. How to charge your iPhone, Turn if on & off, using standby mode and how to reset it.
  4. Orientation to the operational buttons and connections on the iPhone.
  5. How to navigate the menus of your iPhone, understanding the top & bottom menus (including the 'hidden' apps menu & quick controls)
  6. Let SIRI become your personal digital assistant... know which Apps and operations she can help you complete tasks simply at the sound of your voice, as you learn 15 cool tasks SIRI can perform for you and with you.
  7. How to create, send & reply to messages - with text and/or photos (SMS or text messaging)
  8. How to customize your iPhone by arranging Apps & managing Apps with App Folders, how to use your own photos or the stock images to beautify your Lock Screen & Home Screens.
  9. Learn to use the Apple Dictation tool to do the typing for you in many of the Apps.
  10. Use of the 5 different menus in the Phone App to make calls, receive calls, set-up and manage voicemail and more.
  11. How to set-up and use the powerful options in the iOS Mail App - to create, receive, reply to, store and manage your email messages right in your iPhone.
  12. How to customize your iPhone Experience through custom alerts, rings, and the new Do Not Disturb feature.
  13. Browse the internet, share data you find on the web, archive for later reading, and customizing your browsing using bookmarks and more in the Safari App
  14. Learn the many menus on the Apple Music App to provide you with audio entertainment... from music to podcasts and books on tape. Learn to customize your Music App to more easily find the audio you want to hear. And learn how to find and buy music, TV shows, and Movies in the iTunes Store via the Music App or the iTunes App
  15. How to create new contacts and manage the people, companies & organizations iimportant to you in the Contacts App
  16. Learn to use the Apple Calendar to manage your appointments and important dates - including how to synchronize across your other devices,
  17. Receive an introduction to the included Apple Camera App to capture both still digital photos and digital video.
  18. A thorough set of lessons on the Settings App - which governs & controls your opearation but also many of the other Apps on your iPhone
  19. Lessons on the included Apple Clock/Alarm, Weather, and Notes Apps