Meditation for Beginners 'Chopra Certified Instructor'

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Course Description

Meditation is no longer the ancient practice carried by Buddhists and spiritual practitioners. It is an increasingly popular practice carried out by CEO’s and movie stars, by millions of school kids around the world, meditation is now popular with stressed office workers, moms and University graduates.

So what I’ve put together are 6 concise modules which will walk you through a solid foundation of this ancient practice. Now I could spend the next hour listing all the benefits of why you should incorporate meditation into your life but you probably won’t believe me until of course you give it your best shot and find out for yourself.

I actually decided to try meditation when my life was spinning out of control and I was desperate to try anything to change my state from being stressed, anxious, frustrated, worried, and completely overwhelmed with the prospect of failing in all areas of my life. I needed something that would give me some peace, I desperately needed peace, time out without the relentless voice in my head that was doing reruns on everything wrong in my life, I needed to be able to think clearly, I needed clarity and the ability to be present rather than doing reruns of the past or getting anxious about the future.

So I enrolled in meditation and at first I was such a sceptic. My science trained brain told me this was ridiculous, ‘why was I sitting there when I had things to do….how was sitting in silence going to help me turn my life around, I told myself I was mad for doing this. But I’d made a commitment to do this (I’d paid for the course) so instead I kept up the daily practice whilst I researched the science behind it. For me that was a huge waking point. The scientific research on the practice of meditation and its benefits to our physical, emotional and the impact on the direction of our life is overwhelming.

So if you are in need of eliminating stress, finding peace of mind, you’re on a mission to improve your health this practice is for you.

Allow me to take you on a journey to your inner being, to that silent space of serenity, calm and pure awareness of something far superior than past or future.

I look forward to connecting with you.



Expected Outcomes

  1. If you want to learn meditation without a lengthy 10 hour video course then this is it! I have condensed the art of meditation into 6 short, functional and very practical modules. You will learn very quickly how to embody peace, calm, present moment awareness and spontaneous creativity.