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Review from a client: “The most relaxing course I have every done!”

Research shows that meditation has great benefit to your physical and mental well-being when practice regularly.

But how do you start on the meditation journey?  This course is designed to help anyone who would like to learn how to start meditation.

It will teach you the benefits of meditation, how to do it, and will build up your meditation practice over 14 days, starting with a 3 minute meditation to get you started.

You have 19 separate meditations in this course that you can access for life, to help continue your meditation practice.  So if you want to start meditating or have a greater collection of meditations, this course is for you.

Meditation can decrease tension in the body, helps you to relax and helps to reduce the cortisol levels, lowers stress and anxiety.

It can help with headaches, migraines, joint pain and muscle aches. Anything that experiences tension in the body. Slows down the heart rate and regulates breathing. Lowers the risk of diseases including high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes. Lowers blood pressure, improves immune system, boosts the presence of antibodies within the blood, which helps fight infections and decreases stress, depression and anxiety.

Expected Outcomes

  1. What is Meditation
  2. Benefits of Meditation
  3. How to build up your Meditation Practise
  4. What is an “Object” of Meditation?
  5. Breathe Meditations
  6. Thought Meditations
  7. Visual Meditations
  8. Sound Meditation
  9. Body Scan Meditations
  10. Silent Meditations
  11. 19 Different Meditation that you can access for life.