Meditation Simplified - The Easy Guide

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Course Description

This is a course on how to start meditation in a simple yet meaningful way. In a simple and modern language we get to understand why it's important to meditate. This course is an introduction to a variety of techniques that any of us can use as we need.

Meditation isn't a means to an end. Meditation helps us cope with our daily struggles. BUT, it's also not supposed to be as difficult as we hear all around us.

This course helps students to get motivated for their practice after they get a simple, grounded and practical explanation as to how to meditate. Techniques explained in this course can be done even with open eyes at your desk at work or on a subway. They will have an impact on your life.

With hearing about these simple truths about meditation, students not only stay with the simple techniques but often progress quickly to a level where they meditate at least 10-15 minutes every morning.

This course will help you:

  • Meditate with consistency no matter how little time you have

  • Reach mindfulness in your practice without stress or pressure

  • Become calmer and kinder to yourself during meditation

  • Understand your feelings and how to handle them so that you don't suffer as much

Meditation is here for us to understand our mind and once we understand it, we will be able to control it so that we can become the master of our actions & reactions.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Understand why meditation is so much needed.
  2. Learn unbelievably simple techniques that will have you meditate from day one!
  3. Motivation to learn how to overcome painful emotions.