Memorize Numbers - The Visual Major System

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Course Description

This course will introduce you to the most powerful tool for memorizing all kind of numbers: The Major System. In this course you'll learn an updated version of the system. We call it the "Visual Major System".

After some background of the system's history you will learn how to encode digits into letters. With these letters you'll be able to transform numbers into words. You'll learn to visualize these words in front of your inner eye and to connect them to memorable stories.

These stories will help you to remember historical dates, phone numbers, the elements of the periodic table or any other numbers. You'll learn how to create your own Visual Major System list from 00-99. And as an extra: with this course you'll get our database of almost 800 images (jpg). Just pick your favorite images from our list. Get ready, start now and make memorizing numbers fun!

Expected Outcomes

  1. Background of the Major System
  2. Encode numbers into letters and create words
  3. Learn how to memorize Historic Dates, Birthdays, The Periodic Table and Phone Numbers
  4. Create your personal Major System List