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Experience the difference between ordinary and the extraordinary through learning how to incorporate the Single Veil into your belly dance!  Sensuous and luxurious, the veil adds enchanting spice to any performance!  

Mesmerizing Belly Dance Foundations – Beginning Veil is the fourth in a series of online belly dance classes that will help you develop and enhance your skills as a beautiful belly dancer.  This is a beginning single veil class – perfect for beginners and dancers of all levels!

What you’ll learn:

– Brief history of the Veil
– Where to find a veil or how to make your own (it’s easy!)
– 3 different types of turns and spins + basic spotting
– 11 different belly dance veil moves – I’ll teach you technique, and demonstrate each one so that you can easily learn the moves. 
– How to get out of trouble in case you get tangled up in the veil
– Basic veil draping for coming onstage
– How to gracefully unwrap yourself.

In addition, there are 6 veil drills sprinkled throughout the course to help you solidify all the moves as well as several PDF resources that document the moves for future practice 

This 2-hour online belly dance course will quickly have you spinning and twirling with your veil as you unlock your hidden creative potential.   The time has come… are you ready?

Expected Outcomes

  1. By the end of this class, students will have a greater level of confidence with spins and turns, veil body draping and unwrapping, and dancing with a veil, whether it is in front of their friends and family, or as part of a dance performance