Microsoft Access Level 1 - Beginner Access

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Course Description

Quickly Get a Solid Foundation on Access Basics

During this Microsoft Access Level 1 – Beginner course you will gain a solid foundation on which you will build the rest of your Access experience on. Enroll now and I'll guide you step-by-step, through the basics of creating relational databases and working with Tables, Queries, Forms and Reports. In very little time you will master the basics of Access that'll provide a sure foundation for more advanced Access techniques.

At completion of this course you will have mastered the most popular Access basic tools and have the foundational skills with a sureness to complete many daily Access tasks with efficiency and ease. Below are just a few of the topics that you will master in Access:

  • Build a solid understanding on the basics of Microsoft Access

  • Step by step in creating Microsoft Access Databases

  • Create Tables and how to enter, filter and sort Records

  • Create Primary, Composite and Foreign keys to link Tables

  • How to create relationships One-to-One and One-to-Many

  • Create a Query and how to add calculating fields

  • Create Forms to view records in a more organized layout

  • Use Reports to display your records in printable and/or email formats

Expected Outcomes

  1. How to create an Access Database from scratch
  2. Create Tables to store and organize all raw data
  3. Use a Query to search and retrieve data fast
  4. Enter and view records in a more organized layout using Forms
  5. Generate very detailed, professional looking Reports
  6. Taught by Certified Microsoft Office Access 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 & 2016 Specialist with over 17 years of Access training