Microsoft Excel 2013 Simplified: Learn Excel in Just 2 Hours

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Course Description

At the end of the course you will be proficient in Excel by knowing how to use the most commonly used Excel functions in today's business environment. You will no longer be dreading Excel but rather enjoying it because of the concepts-based, and simple-to-understand approach.

Master Excel in just a couple hours.

  1. Master the basics such as using common functions and formulas
  2. Learn how to work with data such as sorting, filtering, quick analysis and most importantly the charts.
  3. Explore advanced features such as Percentages, IF statement, Financial Calculations.
  4. Learn how to effectively integrate Excel with Word for live reports, and importing and exporting data etc.

I designed this course from a concepts point of view, easy to understand and adaptable to newer upcoming versions of Excel. The high quality video lectures along with the assessments and hands-on working file, will make learning effective for you.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Use Excel in a work environment for most of the day-to-day functions. You will start by understanding how functions and formulas work and how to use the effectively hands-on.
  2. Apply learned concepts hand-on throughout the course to become proficient as a professional or as a student.
  3. Understand not only the basic Excel stuff but also become proficient in using it in your daily work.
  4. Learn how to use Excel functions from basic arithmetic calculations to advanced features to analyze the data.
  5. Learn how to use Excel without getting frustrated: Explained in a way easy to understand and apply.