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Microsoft Excel is one of the most powerful and popular data analysis desktop application on the market today. Having a deep practical knowledge of Excel will greatly increase your productivity. You will be seen as a very skilled business data analyst in the organization. And will lead to a much greater opportunities for you.

Excel is the number-one spreadsheet application, with a plethora of capabilities. If you’re only using the basic features, you’re missing out on a host of features that can benefit your business by uncovering important information hidden within raw data. This Excel Data Analysis course allows you to harness the full power of Excel to do all the heavy lifting for you.

The course, comprised of 3+ hours of video training, guides you through the basic and advanced features of Excel to help you discover the gems hidden inside. From data analysis, to visualization, the course walks you through the steps required to become a superior data analyst.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Understand and Identify the principles of data analysis
  2. Build presentation ready dashboards in Excel
  3. Apply analysis techniques to datasets in Excel
  4. Become adept at using Excel functions and techniques for analysis
  5. Learn how to use Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts to streamline your workflow in Excel
  6. Use effective design principles when creating and presenting data
  7. Learn about Excel’s Ubiquity And Strategic Importance as a BI Tool
  8. Learn about the Excel Data Model
  9. GeoFLow
  10. Working with External Databases
  11. Integration with Sharepoint