Microsoft Excel-Green to Guru (Novice-Intermediate course)

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Course Description

Are you one of the many – afraid to start learning about Excel because you think it is ‘too technical’? So many people I meet in training think that there will always be someone at their company who is better than they are in Excel. What if I told you that you could become that expert within your company in only 8 hours or less?

Your computer or tech proficiency doesn’t matter, the Green to Guru course has been tried and tested across many different industries and skill levels – you WILL become the Guru for your company if you follow this curriculum.

This interactive learningexperience encourages student participation and engagement every step of the way, with examples of each technique in action.

Course Features:

  • Learn the three fastest ways to Navigate Excel like a pro
  • Learn how to Input, Sort & Filter and manipulate data of all kinds in Excel
  • Master the methods of Formatting, creating Charts and designing beautiful spreadsheets
  • Learn to Maneuver through Excel's Menus with ease to locate any command quickly and efficiently
  • Grasp the knowledge of Excel’s many Functions and how to employ them to do your bidding at will
  • Acquire the skills of Spellcheck, Verifying data, Translation, Protecting worksheets and more.
  • Master the many Keyboard shortcuts of Excel through practical application to become a Guru of efficiency
  • Become a Wizard with any spreadsheet quickly by learning the Fundamentals and Advanced techniques of Excel in a logical fashion
  • Harness the power to create functional resources in Excel to skyrocket productivity at any company
  • Change your life for the better by becoming one of Excel’s Elite – a true GURU!

As a Certified Excel Instructor, I understand the importance of being available for all my students 7 days a week, responding to questions and emails quickly and with detail. There will even be an FAQ section at the end of course 2 where I will answer each months most frequently answered question with Video and Tutorial explaining the solutions.

Upon completion of the course, ALL students who complete and submit the required exercises (in this and the Intermediate to Advanced course) will receive a signed, verified Excel Guru certificate to let the world know- you are one of Excel’s Elite!

Expected Outcomes

  1. Drastically Increase your value as an employee or prospect by taking your Excel wizardry to the next level
  2. Create comprehensive Excel solutions to Solve any problem
  3. Generate graphs and make sense of any data