Microsoft Excel in the Business Context (All Versions)

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Course Description

In this course, I will teach you everything you need to know in order to succeed at work with Microsoft Excel. From my own experience, I know that people do not fully understand how Excel can help them work efficiently and effectively. Instead, they waste hours on tasks and activities that could easily be simplified or even automated - without needing programming language skills.

Throughout the various lessons, I will introduce and explain different functions and features, which will help you to quickly complete typical tasks at work. Need to modify a dataset containing personal information on 500 employees? Just a matter of a few clicks! Analyzing the sales performance over the past years and understanding what is driving the performance? Use Pivot Tables and cut right to the chase!

My course is designed so that we solve all topics together - it's hands on.

Together, we will learn how to:

- use absolute and relative references so that copying and pasting correctly becomes a piece of cake

- apply text functions to quickly create employee badges, no matter how large the dataset

- employ IF functions to determine discounts based on order quantity

- distinguish between COUNTIF, SUMIF and how we can leverage the different use cases

- use VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP, as well as the difference between the TRUE and FALSE arguments. I will also teach you the drawbacks of VLOOKUP, and why the combination of INDEX and MATCH is more recommendable

- ramp up productivity by formatting data as TABLES

- quickly arrive at the right insights into business performance with the help of Pivot Tables.

Throughout the lectures, you will also become more and more familiar with the "hidden functionalities", such as opening up the same file in two separate windows to boost your productivity.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Learn how you can use Microsoft Excel to solve business problems and find the right answers to your questions
  2. Ramp up productivity by learning how to use text and if functions, vlookup, index-match, and pivot tables
  3. Additional videos will be added featuring quick and useful tips & tricks