Microsoft Office Access 2010 Advanced

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Course Description

The Microsoft Office Access 2010: Advanced course builds upon the Microsoft Access skills acquired by the candidates in Access 2010 Basic and Intermediate courses and helps the students become the masters of Microsoft Office Access 2010. In this Microsoft Access course, students will delve deeper into the program by studying more complex topics such as query with SQL, create crosstab, parameter, and action queries, create macros, import, export and link database objects, interact with XML documents, create hyperlink fields, optimize, split and backup databases. The students will also learn to secure the databases by implementing password-protection, encryption and access options.

Microsoft Office is critical to the day to day operations of any organization. This three leveled set of courses is specifically focused on the Microsoft Office Access 2010 that is an essential data management tool used by many organizations. The course is essential to allow smooth transition from the older Microsoft Office Access versions to the latest Microsoft Office Access 2010.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Write SQL statements
  2. Create crosstab queries
  3. Create parameter queries
  4. Use action queries
  5. Create a macro
  6. Import, export and link objects
  7. Optimize database resources
  8. Secure databases