Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2016 Basic

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Course Description

The Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Basic course is the starting point for the two course series on PowerPoint 2016. The course provides the basic knowledge necessary for the end users to make full use of the functionalities and features of Microsoft PowerPoint 2016. The course covers the fundamental topics such as developing a PowerPoint presentation, advanced text editing, graphical elements, objects and adding tables and charts to a presentation. The course also gives some helpful tips to candidates on how to prepare for a presentation.

Microsoft Office PowerPoint is a very useful content presentation application. This series on Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 provides the students with a complete overview of the latest PowerPoint application and enables them to prepare, develop and deliver effective presentations using Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2016.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Develop a Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentation
  2. Perform advanced text editing operations
  3. Add graphical elements to a presentation
  4. Modify objects in a presentation
  5. Add tables to a presentation
  6. Add charts to a presentation
  7. Apply transitions
  8. Deliver the presentation in an effective manner