Microsoft PowerPoint - PowerPoint Shortcuts Mastery

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Course Description

Reviews from the LIVE training version of this course (I just recently turned it into a video course here on UDEMY, taking into account all the live training feedback I received):

"Whoa! This guy is crazy-amazing."

"I have learned so, so many shortcuts and tricks. This by far was the most helpful session I've been to. I had my hand cramp up, and I'm excited to share the tips with my team back home. I'll also add that Taylor has such a great spirit and attitude."

"Awesome but Taylor goes way too fast!! I love Him. Make sure he is here every year. Great information but we need handouts or something because we can't keep up."

"I really liked the way that Taylor walked through each of the steps to show exactly what to do, and when someone needed clarification, he did it again a little slower and more deliberately."


Are you ready to do EVERYTHING faster in PowerPoint? Whether you are just starting in PowerPoint or have been using the program for years, this shortcuts course is for you.

That’s because shortcuts are the FASTEST way to double your productivity in PowerPoint, even if you are not doing things the best or fastest way yet.

And the sooner you jump on the shortcut train, the more time you'll save throughout your career.

Using my unique system, you will learn how to identify and use the right PowerPoint shortcuts for the right tasks to speed up ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you are currently doing in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Inside this course, you’ll learn how to leverage the FULL range of keyboard shortcuts available to you including:

  1. Hold shortcuts

  2. Shift-Sister shortcuts

  3. Hybrid Power shortcuts

  4. Visible Hybrid shortcuts

  5. Ribbon Guide shortcuts

  6. QAT Guide shortcuts

And most of these shortcuts are what I call visible keyboard shortcuts (or disposable shortcuts).

That means that you don’t have to memorize them to start using them.

Instead, you can just pick them up as you need them (no memorization required) to speed up whatever you are doing and then forget about them until you need them again.


Microsoft added these powerful shortcut features to the Microsoft Office Suite over 10-years ago, and barely anyone is properly using them yet.

It's what I call the Lost Decade of Productivity, and why I created this course to fix it.

Inside this course, I’ll catch you up on the NEWEST and BEST PowerPoint shortcut strategies, teaching you how to take advantage of the full range of keyboard shortcuts available to you.

On top of that, I’ll show you how to strategically combine different types of shortcuts together to speed up your workflow even more.


Although this course focuses exclusively on Microsoft PowerPoint, this unique system of keyboard shortcuts works across the entire Microsoft Office Suite.

That means you can apply everything you learn inside this course to Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel too (or any other program you use in the Microsoft Office Suite).


On top of the lectures and exercises to double your productivity in PowerPoint, I've also created 6 unique PDF cheat sheets broken out by the different shortcut types you'll learn throughout this course.

  1. 21 Hover to Discover PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts

  2. 120+ Hold shortcuts in PowerPoint

  3. The 34 sets of Shift-Sister shortcuts in PowerPoint

  4. The 18 Hybrid Power keyboard shortcuts (hidden mouse + keyboard combinations)

  5. My 15 favorite Ribbon Guide shortcuts you'll use all the time

  6. My 16 customized QAT shortcuts that will double your productivity in PowerPoint

And to make sure that you build up the muscle memory for each of these different types of shortcuts, I've included exercises at the end of each unit and included pro-tips for using the different types of shortcuts.



If you are just looking up shortcuts online and trying to memorize them, you are missing out for two reasons.

Reason #1: Most of the shortcut lists online don’t cover the NEWEST types of keyboard shortcuts or show you how to combine those shortcuts together into killer combinations to accomplish tasks quickly in PowerPoint.

As you will see inside the course, there are often a variety of different ways to shortcut the same commands and features in PowerPoint. Inside the course, I show you the best way to think through and execute your shortcuts for maximum impact in your daily work-life.

Reason #2: The trick to doubling your productivity in PowerPoint with keyboard shortcuts is knowing how to strategically combine the different types of shortcuts together to best speed up your workflow. You can’t learn that by simply looking up shortcuts online.

I’ve spent my entire career working in Excel and PowerPoint and have been teaching this stuff to professionals for the past 8 years. Once you know this unique system, you'll never be able to use PowerPoint the old-way again.

And to help you learn all of these shortcuts faster, the course is broken out into:

  1. Actionable lectures, teaching you the ins and outs of the different varieties of shortcuts (and how to best use them)

  2. Hands-on exercises - covering some of the best PowerPoint shortcuts - so that you build the muscle memory up for yourself.


By the end of this course, you’ll have a unique, step-by-step system for identifying and finding the best keyboard shortcuts for whatever PowerPoint task you need to accomplish. Armed with this knowledge, you'll be able to run circles around your peers and colleagues who have no idea how to do any of this.

If you are not blown away by this unique system of keyboard shortcuts and strategic thinking, please ask for a refund.

This course includes a 30-day money-back guarantee.


I started my professional career in the professional services division of PricewaterhouseCoopers in New York City and then moved overseas to China for 10-years. In China, I worked for a small startup raising capital (which eventually failed during the financial crisis), and as a consultant facilitating inbound and outbound investments and joint venture projects.

In short, my entire career has been spent creating financial models in Excel and PowerPoint pitchbooks. During that time, I developed my own unique methodologies and strategies for doing things faster in PowerPoint and began teaching those to my clients and colleagues.

After leaving China, I created my own PowerPoint speed training courses and have been teaching those online and in-person for the past 6 years to investment bankers, consultants and other working professionals who use PowerPoint on a daily basis for their job.

Inside this course, I catch you up on the latest and best-of-the-best shortcut strategies and techniques that will immediately boost your productivity in Microsoft PowerPoint.

If you are ready to take your shortcuts skills to the next level and fast-track everything you do in PowerPoint, this course is for you.

Expected Outcomes

  1. IMMEDIATELY improve your speed and proficiency in Microsoft PowerPoint (guaranteed).
  2. DOUBLE your productivity using a unique blend of keyboard shortcuts and strategic thinking.
  3. DISCOVER how to shortcut any command or feature in PowerPoint (including those that don't have traditional shortcuts).
  4. LEARN how to strategically leverage PowerPoint's Visible Keyboard shortcut system (requiring zero memorization).
  5. LEARN killer keyboard shortcut combinations that work really well together in PowerPoint.
  6. GET hands-on experience setting up and using the best PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts (including what I call the million-dollar shortcut).
  7. DOWNLOAD 6 PDF cheat sheets to help you master your keyboard shortcuts faster (broken out by shortcut type).
  8. GET help and support with any PowerPoint keyboard questions you have.
  9. SPEED UP everything you do across the entire Microsoft Office Suite (PC versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint).