Microsoft Project: The Five Keys - Key 1 Navigation

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Course Description

This is Key 1 Navigation Microsoft Project Tutorial of the Five Keys to MS Project. Key 1 covers Navigation. Key 2 covers Tasks and Task Linking essentials. Key 3 covers Task Constraints---one of the most misunderstood components of MS Project. Key 4 covers Project Calendars. Key 5 cover Tracking Actual Progress.

In total the Five Keys gives you the essential skills needed to create project schedules in a way that keeps the tool lean but powerful, and thus usable as a tool for actually helping your projects to be successful.

Take this first key in my Microsoft Project Training course and learn essential navigation skills needed to be able to use Microsoft Project effectively.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Be able to understand how to navigate MS Project from its different views to it quirky key board commands
  2. Be able to understand how to take advantage of MS Project's Gantt Chart timeline, which is absolutely essential to creating effective schedules and simple reports
  3. Learn about key setup configurations that are unfortunately set incorrectly by Microsoft "out of the box" and unless addressed will guarantee frustration
  4. Be ready to explore the remaining keys! (Key 2-Linking, Key 3-Constraints, Key 4-Calendars, Key 5 - Recording actual progress!