Microsoft Project: The Five Keys - Key 2 Task Links (Part A)

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Course Description

This is Part A of Key 2, and covers Task Entry and Task Linking in MS Project.

Here is a summary of where this key fits into the Five Keys Method:

  • Key 1 covered Navigation.
  • Key 2 has two modules: This Task Linking Mechanics (Part A) module and then is followed by a second module on the Application of Task Linking (Part B) in project schedules. Thus Key 2 covers not only how task linking works (Part A), but how it enables the application of key scheduling features (Part B)---such as the critical path method---to help you create effective project plans.
  • Key 3 covers Task Constraints---one of the most misunderstood components of MS Project.
  • Key 4 covers Project Calendars.
  • Key 5 cover Tracking Actual Progress.

In total the Five Keys gives you the essential skills needed to use MS Project in a way that keeps the tool lean but powerful, and thus the Five Keys teaches you to use MS Project in a way that actually helps your projects be more successful.

Expected Outcomes

  1. By watching the videos in this module, the result should be that you have developed a basic competency in understanding how task links work in Microsoft Project. This is a core skill needed to be able to develop effective dynamic schedules in Microsoft Project.