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Microsoft SQL Server developers are earning higher salary in IT industry, but, it’s not about writing queries it’s about understanding and applying the right query at right time. This course will let you understand the SQL Server concepts in an easy way. This SQL course is for beginners who are interested to learn Microsoft SQL Server Database 2017.


This Online SQL Server Training course takes some of the basics and then goes in depth. There are regular quizzes and self practice assignments to help you remember the information. 


  • Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Installation   

  • Introduction to SQL Server database and its structure

  • Database   

        – How to create database   

         – How to modify database   

        – How to delete database   

         – Database delete issues

  • Cloud Database

    – Amazon AWS

    – Microsoft Azure   

  • Tables   – How to create table   

      – How to modify table   

      – How to delete table   

  • Data manipulation   

         – How to insert data in tables   

        – How to update data in tables   

         – How to delete data in tables   

        – Truncating data vs deleting   

  • Retrieving data       

       – Select statement   

  • Filtering data retrieval   

    – Filtering Data with the WHERE clause    

      – Filtering Data with the WHERE clause using various Operators

       – UNION Operator and UNION ALL Operator    

       – EXISTS Operator    

       – Sorting Data with the ORDER BY Clause    

       – SELECT TOP Clause    

       – DISTINCT Statement    

       – GROUP BY Statement    

       – HAVING Clause   

  • Advance Table Concepts

       – Primary Key   

       – Foreign Key   

      – Unique Key   

       – Null values   

       – Default Values   

      – CHECK constraint   

  • Joins   

      Learn to write complex queries using different types of Joins in SQL Server   

        – Inner Join    

        – Left Outer Join    

        – Right Outer Join    

        – Full Outer Join    

        – Cross Join    

        – Self Join   

  • Stored Procedure

         – How to create, alter and drop stored procedure   

         – SQL Injection   

         – Advantages of stored procedure   

  • Built-in Functions     

         – String Functions   

         – Numeric Functions   

         – Date Functions   

         – Conversion Functions   

         – Advanced Functions   

  • User defined Functions   

  • Temp Tables   

  • Triggers   

  • Views

  • Exception Handling

  • Import

         – Import data from excel file   

         – Import data from flat file   

         – Import data from another SQL server database   

        – Filter data while importing   

        – Import data from MySQL

  • Export

        – Export data to excel file   

         – Export data to flat File   

         – Export data to another SQL server database   

         – Filter data while exporting

  • Bulk Insert

  • Cursors

  • Table Variable

  • Derived tables and Except operator

  • Common table expressions (CTE)

You will make your money back from the price of this course. If you didn’t like the course you really have nothing to lose. Udemy guarantees it with their no-risk 30 day money back guarantee.   

So come on inside and learn about what Microsoft SQL Server has to offer. Thank you for signing up for this course on Udemy. The course will always be up-to-date. I am also available for questions inside the course discussion board.   

Expected Outcomes

  1. Start from scratch by installing Microsoft SQL Server 2017 and create a practice environment for yourself.
  2. You will be familiarized with some of the core concepts of RDBMS / SQL Server.
  3. You will learn the ins and outs of SQL Server Management studio.
  4. You will learn how to create and connect SQL server colud database using Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.
  5. You will learn how to create, alter and drop database.
  6. You will learn how to create, alter and drop tables.
  7. You will learn how to insert, update and delete records from tables.
  8. You will start constructing your SELECT statement to retrieve data from SQL Server.
  9. You will know how to filter out unwanted data by using WHERE clause as well as, you would know how to order your result set by using ORDER BY clause.
  10. You will also see how to use UNION / UNION ALL operators
  11. You will see how to group and summarize your data by using , GROUP BY clause, HAVING clause and Aggregate functions.
  12. You will learn Joins in SQL Server. Inner Join, Left Outer Join, Right Outer Join, Full Outer Join, Cross Join and Self Join.
  13. You will also know about some of the string functions, date functions, and system functions.
  14. You will learn how to create your own function.
  15. You will learn how to create, alter and drop Stored Procedure and advantages of stored procedure.
  16. You will learn how to create, alter and drop Trigger and its advantage.
  17. You will learn how to create, alter and drop View and its advantage.
  18. You will learn about temp tables and its advantage.
  19. You will learn how to handel exceptions in SQL Server.
  20. You will learn how to import data from excel file, flat file, another SQL server database and MySQL.
  21. You will learn how to export data to excel file, flat file and another SQL server database
  22. You will learn about Bulk Insert.
  23. You will learn about Cursors.