Microsoft Word 2016: Part 2 (Intermediate Level)

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Course Description

Would you like to deepen your Word knowledge from Part 1? Do you want to save time and let Word 2016 work for you? Perfect. In this advanced course you will learn how to automate recurring work steps - for example with the help of quick-fix modules and document templates.

Creating professional-looking documents can help to give your organization a competitive edge. Implementing time-saving features such as document templates and automated mailings helps your organization to reduce expenses.

Mastering these techniques will make you a valuable employee in your organization.

This course covers Microsoft Office Specialist exam objectives to help students preparing for the Word 2016 Exam and the Word 2016 Expert Exam.

Table of Contents

  • 01 Organizing Content Using Tables and Charts

  • 02 Customizing Formats Using Styles and Themes

  • 03 Inserting Content Using Quick Parts

  • 04 Using Templates to Automate Document Formatting

  • 05 Controlling the Flow of a Document

  • 06 Simplifying and Managing Long Documents

  • 07 Using Mail Merge to Create Letters, Envelopes and Label

Expected Outcomes

  1. Create and modify complex documents and use tools that allow you to customize those documents.
  2. Organize content using tables and charts.
  3. Customize formats using styles and themes.
  4. Insert content using quick parts.
  5. Use templates to automate document formatting.
  6. Save time by letting Microsoft Word 2016 work for us