Microsoft Word Level 2 - Intermediate Word

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Course Description

Go Beyond Word Basics

Take your Microsoft Word skills to the next level and enroll now and receive step-by-step mentoring on mastering Microsoft Word at an intermediate level. You will learn how to work with additional Word features including: Quick Part with Building Blocks, SmartArt, Screen Capture and modifying and deleting Styles.

Using my 18+ years of Microsoft Word training and Certification I will guide you through these more advanced features used by many offices to more easily manage their documents and daily tasks. Below are just a few of the topics that you will master:

  • How to sort paragraphs, bulleted and numbered lists

  • Modify a table’s cells layout, change the borders and add shading

  • Insert and modify charts including an Organization Chart

  • Calculate dates and time with Date & Time functions

  • Create and modify charts including: titles, effects and captions

  • Control the text flow around images, objects, or shapes with Text Wrapping

  • Present your data visually with SmartArt’s Processes, Relationships, Cycles and Lists

  • Learn how to use Macros to records and execute repetitive tasks/actions into a single click

  • Use Word’s powerful Mail Merge to quickly duplicate a: forms, letters, labels, envelopes to every client in a database

  • And much, much more!

Expected Outcomes

  1. Build upon the Basics of Microsoft Word
  2. Manage large ranges of data in a List or Table and learn the differences between the two
  3. Increase productivity with functions: IF, PMT, VLOOKUP, FIND, SEARCH, MATCH, INDEX and much more!
  4. Create charts with Trend Lines, and Dual Axis
  5. Managing lists more effectively, and text flow control with Section and Column Breaks
  6. Even more Word tips, tricks and shortcuts by a Multi-Certified Microsoft Trainer with over 17 years of Word training