Mikeo's Holistic, Practical, and Complete Excel: Beginner

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Course Description

I always thought of Microsoft Excel as a financial tool. A place to add columns of numbers, create tables and calculate results. Kind of boring unless you are an accountant.

After joining Microsoft, I learned that Excel is much more than numbers. I came to appreciate that Excel is a giant blank canvas that you can create anything on. Over the years, I have built databases, made checklists, created games, designed graphics, visualized programming, laid out furniture, track lottery, and so much more.

I designed this course to teach all of the potentials that Microsoft Excel has. Yes, it is incredible at spreadsheets and data, but you can also use it around the house for practically anything.

This beginner's class establishes the fundamentals of Microsoft Excel. When teaching to corporations, many people want to bypass the beginner class because they feel they have been using Excel for years. Most, however, get lost very quickly without having the fundamentals. If you can't explain the difference between absolute and relative references and how they work in Excel, then you need this class first. It will provide you a strong base of learning to grow on so you can move to more advanced topics quickly.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Students who complete the course will come away with a greater understanding of all the possible things you can do with Excel.
  2. Students will be able to build forms, understand references, set up their environments, and customize their views
  3. We will be building a To-Do List as well as a sleep tracker spreadsheet
  4. This will prepare students for more Intermediate lessons on Microsoft Excel.