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Failover setup using MikroTik is a very important topic and very required to be implemented in our network in case we are connected to the internet via 2 or more ISP’s. However, if the Failover setup is not properly configured then this can lead to many problems to our users who wants to get connected to the internet.

In this course, I will explain to you why we need to have Failover and how to configure it so in case the main ISP goes offline then the backup will be working directly and this is seamless to the users. After configuring the Failover, I will dive into more LABS showing you what problems can encounter with the Failover configuration and how to solve those problems in a way that the Failover will be working all the time with no any problem.

The course will be based on real LABs scenarios  with step-by-step so you are able to understand each topic and able to apply that in your real network.

If you need to configure Failover setup properly on MikroTik, this course will help you to do so.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Configure Failover between 3 ISP’s links
  2. Understand what is the distance in the route
  3. Connecting your router to 3 ISPs
  4. Use mangle rule to have the Failover working smoothly
  5. Understand what is the job of Mark routing and where to use it
  6. Be able to access your router from outside via any IP provided from the different ISPs
  7. Understand the usage of torch while doing troubleshooting
  8. Detect the ISP failure using recursive route
  9. Understand what is the scope and target scope
  10. Understand how to use Netwatch tool with scripting for the Failover