Mindful Living 'Chopra Certified Instructor'

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Course Description

I am very excited to be launching my new online course which takes your life from chaos to clarity, self doubt to self empowerment. I’ve produced this concise and intense course with a series of videos and accompanying worksheets.

During this course you will:

-Learn how to meditate and find inner calm.

-You will be learning the art of present moment awareness and the power of gratitude

-You will move beyond your limiting beliefs and self doubt

-You will learn how old habitual patterns can be broken apart, so that you can make new ones.

I’ll teach you some very simple strategies to stay on the path so that the changes you make are long term.

-You will have on demand a sense of present moment awareness that will ensure, you can be focused and living your life on purpose.

And by Module 6 you will have the ability to move into a calm space even when there’s chaos going on around you.

I look forward to you joining me!


Expected Outcomes

  1. Welcome to my new concise and condensed online course that will take your life from chaos to clarity!