Mindfulness Level II - The Observer

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Course Description

This course is a sequel to Level I - The Present. It explains the next step in Mindfulness, The Observer of the Present Moment. It includes more advanced practices and advises for those willing to venture into the deep realm of self-knowledge and Mindfulness, as taught by Laurentiu Marga.

He is currently holding Mindfulness retreats, teaching people from all over the world. Here are some testimonials:

"It was a chance in a lifetime for me to meet Laurentiu Marga. His teachings are simple and straight to the point, and his practice is a must when you return home and the mind kicks in. His practices helped me to reach the marvelous present moment in a short period of time, leaving behind all anxieties and learning to live a new life I couldn't ever imagine." - Zsuzsanna Kovács

"The Open-Eyes Mindfulness Meditation is a profund everyday practice that can be done in every moment of your life. The shift to the present moment was a starting point towards deeper self-knowledge. It is not about overcoming my anxieties anymore, it is about living in serenity." - David Trifan

"When I first arrived at the retreat, I felt how many years of seeking melted down into just a few moments of deep insight. I had some glimpses of a blissful state which I never felt before and after that, slowly but surely, I began the work of discarding the intricate works of my ego. Laurentiu has found a real way out of everyday suffering and he's willing to show it to you, don't hesitate." - Grzegorz Białowolski

Expected Outcomes

  1. Become More Aware
  2. Clear Your Mind and Live MindFully In This Calm Moment
  3. Meditate Anytime and Anywhere Easily and Confidently
  4. Learn Mindful Open Eyes Meditation
  5. Learn Present Walking Meditation
  6. Be Deeply Connected to Yourself and Others
  7. Be Clear and Focused on Any Task
  8. Overcome Your Mental Fears
  9. Overcome Physical Pain
  10. Manage Difficult Emotions
  11. Take Control of Your Life and Begin Living MindFully
  12. Live a Life Free of Anxiety and Depression
  13. Sleep Better and Wake Up Feeling Fresh
  14. Develop an Enjoyable Daily Present Meditation Practice
  15. Become More Grounded in This Present Moment
  16. Develop a Greater Sense of Self Awareness
  17. Bring Joy, Happiness and Clarity to Your Life