Mindfulness Practitioner Course (Teacher Certification)

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Course Description

Students who complete this course are eligible to apply for a complimentary Accredited CSA Mindful Teacher Certification (12-B.4 Teaching Member in Good Standing with 42 Continuing Professional Development Credit Hours).

Accredited certificates are awarded on a 1-year basis with the option to extend or renew.

Providing you complete the course on the Udemy platform, and are approved by the CSA Application Review Team, you'll be granted permission to display your CSA Teaching credentials to both current and prospective clients.

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Patrick Spring Howell is recognized as a top Udemy instructor in the life coaching category (52,000 students | 172 countries).

This program includes access to a thriving community of active teachers, life coaches, professionals, and personal growth enthusiasts. Together we strive to answer your questions within 24 hours.



"I love this course because the teaching is very clear and gives great exercises and examples that make you think and makes me want to come up with my own creative ways to relate it to my own teachings. It's not just like follow along, take notes, and do everything by the book. It is more interactive. I would create my own exercises along with the course so when I finish I have created my detailed exercise for my future students or jot note ideas of exercises. Overall I feel like this course doesn't take away from your own organic teachings because there is creative space in Patrick's teaching to develop your own technique and style. Thanks for the course!" - Daicy

"I have a master's degree in mindfulness studies. Patrick's course is an excellent resource in taking something extremely conceptually dense such as mindfulness and making it pragmatic for those looking to improve their lives. I thought this course was loaded with an array of tools to add to my own tool kit. Thank you, Patrick!" - Brian

"This is the first course I bought on Udemy, and for the price I'm delighted, It's well taught, and informative. During this coronavirus outbreak, I'd become stressed and anxious, and the course has helped me back to the route of mindfulness again. I feel much more peaceful. I'm planning hoe to incorporate this into my current practice so it's also given me a focus." - Anne

On completion of this course, you will be eligible for full CPD Accreditation. If you opt for accreditation, you’ll also get a diploma and 42 hours of CPD / CEU / CE Credits (depending on your country of origin).

Mindfulness Meditation Life Coach Accredited Teacher Training

This course offers you concrete tools and concrete strategies on your journey to becoming a dynamic mindfulness teacher.

With an amazing cohort of; teachers-in-training, life coaches, business professionals, parents, and personal growth seekers (from around the globe) - this training offers you the opportunity to obtain 42 Continuing Professional Development credit hours upon competition of all course work and assignments.

The program material is designed so that you can easily complete the training in 2-4 weeks by combining synchronous and asynchronous learning strategies.

If you wish to enroll in this Mindfulness training you do NOT need to hold a current life-coaching diploma. Many students enroll in this Mindfulness Course for use as a reflective life tool.

Students who complete the course requirements are eligible to receive a Mindfulness Teacher Certificate. Once received the certificate is valid for two years and may be renewed with proof of the appropriate level of continuing education units.

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is well-suited for the typical practitioners of Mindfulness Practices including; life coaches, therapists, counselors, teachers, social workers, pastors, organizational leaders, wellness professionals parents

  • Life coaches who want to offer live and/or webinar-based workshops

  • Business leaders seeking creative ways to help their employees increase productivity while experiencing personal growth and wellness

  • Individuals working towards self-actualization

  • Coaches-in-training who want to provide substantial guidance and direction to their clients

  • Wellness professionals in need of continuing education units

In order to promote good coaching practices, please note that you are advised to use this training program within the boundaries of your expertise. The course author is not responsible for unauthorized usage of this training program.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Benefit from 20+ mindful interventions with the support and guidance of accompanying worksheets
  2. Accredited Mindful Teacher Certificate with 42 Continuing Professional Development Credit hours available
  3. Become fluent in the pillars of mindfulness
  4. Identify and steer clear of the common mistakes of practicing and teaching mindfulness
  5. Practice Inner Light, Loving Kindness, and Mindful Appreciation Meditations for personal growth
  6. Complimentary 22 page Mindful Transformation© Workshop facilitator manual
  7. Deliver mindfulness meditation workshops, presentations, lectures, and coaching sessions with confidence
  8. Present your ideas to others with confidence, poise, and grace
  9. Influence others to develop a mindful practice
  10. Set intentions that steer you toward your best possible self
  11. Quickly determine which mindfulness exercise is best for your needs in the immediate circumstance
  12. Gain proficiency in the Six (6) Core Competencies of Transformational Facilitation