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Welcome to “Mixing Tips: How to Mix Beats in ANY Daw Start to Finish!”

In this course you will learn several professional mixing techniques that will help improve your sound.

Best of all the techniques and tips taught in this class are universal and can be applied to any DAW you are using to make beats and produce music.

This is a beginner level audio mixing course so if you already have a good understanding of the topic and years of experience then this isn’t the best course for you. But if you are new to music production or how to mix your beats then this will be a great introductory course to help get you started.

This course comes with 7 sections that cover a range of topics including but not limited to:

  • How to organize your session

  • How to use buses and sends

  • How to balance and level all the instruments properly

  • How to use equalization to sweeten and add clarity

  • How to use panning and reverb to create depth

  • How to use compressors and make your drums punch thru the mix

  • How to bounce down your session into the highest quality MP3 and WAV file

  • And much more!!

Just listen to what other students think of this course:

Fohn Asobah says:

“Great tips. Most of the points explained in this course answered many issues i had while mixing. I recently created a beat, it sounded okay with all headphones and speakers in my studio but when i listened to it in my car, it didn’t sound like what i expected, lol. Really good for beginners like myself and anyone. I will recommend this course. The instructor knows what his talking about and also made it easier to understand.”

Elijah Haskins says:

“Excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I appreciate your teaching style. Very simple and to the point. I understand compression, EQ’ing and frequencies more than I ever did. I’ve done other courses on those subjects and they were too technical. You taught it in a simple way that I could understand and use examples to demonstrate what you were teaching. I will be investing in your other courses. Thank you and great job!”

Vincenzo Marquez says:

“Gave me a solid understanding of how to equalize audio, and I was able to apply the concepts immediately. Although the focus of this course is general audio production, it helped me drastically improve my track vocals. Joseph is also very responsive to messages, and replies very quickly to questions.”

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Expected Outcomes

  1. Professionally mix beats from scratch