Modern Astrology - An Introduction To Natal Astrology

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Course Description


Does it feel sometimes like the entire Internet knows more about astrology than you do?

Learning astrology online can be hard.

Most astrology websites and Facebook groups assume that you know the basics. Trying to cover that knowledge gap can be confusing and can result in countless lost hours as you try to piece everything together enough knowledge to make a start. Wouldn't it be great to be able to lock down the foundations of astrology all in one go?

The great news is you can. This course will guide you through the core elements of astrology. Are you are taking those first steps toward self discovery? Or wanting to expand your service range as a tarot reader or health practitioner? Have you set a goal to learn bigger and better forms such as predictive, relationship or even soul-centered astrology? If your answer is yes to any of these questions then course was made for you.


  • Learn with confidence - topic by topic. Discover the core elements of astrology by focusing on the key components one by one. Each topic is broken down and explained and in later sections we combine what we've learned.

  • This course features more than three hours of high quality video. No shaky or dim mobile phone recordings or boring hours of watching a stranger talk.

  • Your knowledge is challenged as you go with quizzes and instructor marked assignments that test you as you complete each section. You'll know when you're ready to move on to new content.

  • It's designed to cater to different learning styles with downloadable learning aids and a beautiful course book to help you build your knowledge if you're more a reader than a watcher.

  • You have lifetime access to course content using the Udemy learning platform. Struggling with a subject? Needing to revise a topic? Your answers are a click or a swipe away, 24/7.



Let's take a look at those major chunks of astrology and how your course is structured. you'll also learn how to create and print your own natal astrology chart - keep this close to you as you discover the course content. You'll discover new things about yourself too!


ELEMENTS: Are you the live of the party or feel everything in life? Are you on a journey of discovery or is all about the money? Learn about elements and how they shape each sign.

MODALITY: Do you take life head on, have the fortitude to stand in the face of adversity or easily distracted by life's bounty? Find out about your sign's modality.

Get a deeper understanding of each sign - what drives them, their strengths and weaknesses and the key words that define them.


Love. Career. Communication or family. Twelve houses rule the key areas of life. Learn about each house and how houses stretch the canvas for astrology.

Why is every person's astrology chart different? Learn the core of natal astrology - the astrology of your birth sign and get a first glimpse of you through the eyes of the zodiac. Learn why the sign ruling your third house is most likely different to the sign ruling the third house of your friends, family or spouse.

How does Virgo love? What kind of parent does a Scorpio make? How does Aquarius handle money? You'll explore each house through the eyes of each sign.


Personal or transformational? Learn about the planets that shape us as individuals and the planets that shape entire generations. Why do you find communication difficult? Where does luck live on your chart? Keep finding yourself locking horns with the boss or getting into legal strife? The planets explain all.

Why is Aries so direct? Why is Capricorn so driven? Learn which planets rule which signs and why this is important. And learn which planets are weakened in which sign.


Squares, trines and oppositions - maybe you've heard about them but haven't known what they mean or why they matter. Aspects wire your chart together and define the relationships between the different facets of your life. Do you find your family never seem to like your choice of partner? Do you struggle to separate love and sex? Why is making money so difficult for you when it seems so easy for others? Find out why.


in the final section we combine everything we've learned so far in this course and learn how to build and interpret a basic natal astrology chart. You'll learn how to quickly find powerful patterns at a glance. How to find love, career and how to weigh up the balance of a chart.

These same skills can be used and developed to build your own natal chart or the charts of others and provide foundations to perfect as a reader and an astrologer.


This course focuses on the core fundamentals that are consistent with all schools of astrology. Your course outcome is a strong understanding of how all the pieces fit together and how to use them to make informed decisions about how astrology works for you. You'll have what you need to take on bigger topics or different schools of astrology an to truly begin your astrology journey.

Some of the things not included in this course are alternate house systems, asteroids and minor aspects. These are extensions of the content you'll learn in this course and a natural progression for self-learning.


★★★★★ It's a full, complete astrology course, with lots of useful information. It's also well organized and even though it's not easy information, it is all perfectly explained so everyone can understand what's the topic about. I strongly recommend it.

> Ruth C. Calvo Izazaga

★★★★★ I have just started the course and I would like to say it is very interesting, the explanation is clear. The didactic material and videos are really well done. Thank you so much! I recommend this course. It is a good way want to discover the world of astrology.

> Andrea Guariso

★★★★★ This course was very easy to follow and informative. It is well thought out, and caters to many different learning styles. Mr.McKinnon is very knowledgeable and always responded to every activity and assignment. I highly recommend this course for anyone who is interested in learning about astrology at any level.

> Bekah Osborne

★★★★★ This course is an excellent introduction to astrology. The videos and the resources are extremely helpful and full of information. The assignments make you think and allow you to apply the concepts learned. I’d recommend this coursework anyone especially those who are new to astrology.

> Tiffany Durham

★★★★★ This laid the foundational knowledge for which I was looking - now on to analyzing my chart for deeper clarity. Thanks!

> Tracey Whitehouse

★★★★★ So much useful information and great resources out there to utilize!

> Destiny Giebe

★★★★★ absolutely stunning.

> Adrienne Lidicky

★★★★★ I am still overwhelmed in a very positive way! I was not expecting this load of information. Had to stop multiple times and literally live by my notes and get everything jotted. It is very precise and insightful. It pairs theory with practical examples, which makes learning way more effective and quick. Still feel I need to go over and over some sections just because I was not having any previous knowledge. I am confident this will provide me solid foundations to progress further and eventually get to understand how to read for others and see what's coming in more detail. I also really valued the huge effort on graphics (not all teachers do) and the content per se. I was amazed by the quality, consistency and professionalism across the video lessons and the manuals. The voice-over is steady, noises on the background therefore understandable and refined!

> Elisa Reinaudo

★★★★★ I am not familiar with how to read a birth chart, let alone create one so im looking forward to learning how to do that. I have basic knowledge now with the houses, signs, and planets.

> Rebecca Rankin-Tremblay

★★★★★ Very accurate and easy to follow. I highly recommend!

> Angelica Loughrey

★★★★★ It was a great experience. Entire course content was so self explanatory & elaborative that anyone who is having real interest in Astrology can learn lot of new things. Thanks Damian for helping me with this course and new knowledge.

> Geetika Bhatia

★★★★★ Really enjoyed the format of this course - so much ore interesting than just watching someone sit there and talk. Much more aligned to my learning style - signing up for the Modern Astrology Natal Introduction course based on this. Thank you!

> Ruby Turner

★★★★★ I really enjoyed this course! The course material was laid out in a very concise and understandable way, while the curriculum also was relatable and very easy to understand. I also liked that the instructor required students to engage with the material via interactive assignments. This really helps to make the information stick in your mind because you are called to apply it within the parameters that it is presented. I found that along with learning new concepts, my existing knowledge was also affirmed. This course made it easy for me to understand my own natal chart, thus helping me to answer some life long questions. My interactions with the instructor directly have also been very positive, I look forward to taking more courses from him in the future and am excited to open this new chapter in my learning. If you are interested in astrology for either personal or professional reasons, you definitely owe it to yourself to take this course!

> Rachel Maii

★★★★★ I got an understanding off different programs for astrology. I´ve been searching for it.

> Sandra Bäckman

★★★★★ I enrolled in this course after years of interest with the topic of Astrology, and I'm glad I finally did! I had my natal chart read by my aunt last 2014, and since then I was very curious as to how the stars aligned and how they gave the perfect explanation as to how I've become and more. This course is very thorough and broken down into 6 different section so you can understand and have time to absorb and internalize the vast topic of astrology. From the basic astrology (aka zodiac signs) to actual interpretation of a natal chart. Plus, Damian is quick to answer my questions and messages, and that didn't leave me in a puzzled or questioning state for something in the course that was personally unclear for me. He's an amazing teacher. Thank you Damian. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS COURSE to everyone who wants to know themselves better or know why they are in a certain situation. Gives an extra meaning to the saying "we are all made out of stars!"

> Michelle Eleazar

★★★★★ Engaging, interesting, informative, captivating are only a few words that can describe this amazing course. Overall the best course I have taken in Udemy, easy to follow, visually engaging, definatelly recommended!!!

> Carlos Vega Cumberland

★★★★★ Very enjoyable. There's a lot more to astrology than I expected but I am enjoying the training style a lot.

> Lisa T

★★★★★ I'm really enjoying this course. A great course delivery style in small and to the point packages rather than dragging monologues and I feel myself being drawn in and learning. Hope you do more!

> Sonja Souter

★★★★★ I was hoping for a lot from this course and I'm very happy with what it's delivering. Solid, structured but entertaining and interesting. A lot of what I've tried learning in the past is falling into place for me now.

> Brett Wong

★★★★★ A really good course - I'm enjoying the presentation and the video work is very entertaining - so much better than hours of watching someone talk which is where I lose interest with other courses. But more importantly I feel I'm really learning a lot. I spent last night and some this morning just going over the ebook on my iPad and it's really beautiful. I hope more courses from this writer are on the way.

> Elgin Mors

★★★★★ This is great. Exactly what i was looking for and taught in a way that I learn best!

> Vincent Flores

★★★★★ This course is excellent! Is has been challenging and informational. I feel like I've learned so much! I definitely need to go through it again to make sure I've got all of the details. I hope Damien comes out with more courses!

> Dayan Morgan-Sylvaen

★★★★★ I love the resources, the printable cards to use to study. The information is clear and concise. Great course!

> Alisa DeHaan

★★★★★ Very interesting and good summary of the main concepts. I was deeply impressed! Thank you so much!

> Marcela Roxana Farcasescu

★★★★★ It is an excellent course to get introduced clearly into astrology principles. There are many examples, and it touches many aspects that are well put together at the end. The support material, exercises and communication with the facilitator were excellent.

> David Laferrière

★★★★★ I've gone through Sections 1 & 2 so far but felt compelled to leave my first Udemy review. Damian is an exceptional teacher, did a phenomenal job with the video edits, and explains things very well. I wanted to understand some basic astrology and he is delivering that in spades. This is a fantastic course.

> Rachel Rofe

★★★★★ The information is well edited and keeps moving,every engaging

> Sheree Greek

★★★★★ Easy to undetstand with the way he explains it is straight forward.

> Michelle King

★★★★★ I’m enjoyed the course, both the content and delivery style. I loved the fact that the author provided both narrative and written summaries – catering for various learning styles, and also used well known people as examples, which enabled the student to put their learning's into context . The resources were great too. I learnt so much, and some interesting things about myself (and others!!). I found it very easy to navigate. Astronomy is WAY more in depth that I imagined.

> Lyn Heynen

★★★★★ Very pleased with this course. It has an interactive approach which I really like and it covers a broad range of difficult to explain information in a really creative way. I've eager to learn more about astrology and this has given me a really solid start. Thank you!

> Jimmy Hedgeman

★★★★★ I've just finished 10 of 77 courses... still fair bit to go but it's been great - learn lots of new things already. The facilitator has deep knowledge of the subject. I have no basic knowledge prior to this course but I found every content is delivered very well - make it easier for me to understand. Love the video and manual, developed thoughtfully, beautiful and informative. Looking forward for more. Thank you!

> Dessi Sandi

Expected Outcomes

  1. Get an overview on Astrology - it's origins, the working parts of Astrology and an understanding the value of natal Astrology.
  2. Learn About the Star Signs.
  3. Learn about Houses and how they shape your life.
  4. Learn about the Planets, the signs they rule and how they breathe life into a chart.
  5. Learn about Aspects and how they create influence between the planets on a chart.
  6. Putting it all together - creating and interpreting a natal astrology chart.