Module 3: Kyusho Joint Locks

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Course Description

After you have learned the Body Points and Mechanics (Module 2) now comes the implementation phase and one of the nice ways to learn how to implement the pressure points is thru joint locks.

I am not here to teach you how to use joint locks in a self-defense situation. That is the job of your martial art. I am here to teach you how to add pressure points into your locks to make your locks MORE PAINFUL.

When you add pressure points to any martial arts thing intensify and that also applies to locks.

Join me on this module as we take joint locks to the next level.

Expected Outcomes

  1. You will learn the several types of locks, finger locks, wrist locks, reserve wrist locks, arm bars, center locks.
  2. I explain the Mechanics and Principles behind each of these locks as well as adding pressure points to the locks.
  3. This course is a MUST for all Kyushu Jutsu practitioners.