Money, wealth and happiness

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Course Description

Warning: This is not a course about becoming rich!

Many people have a disturbed relationship to money. Some are too greedy, others too careless and others reject money at all. With this course you discover what is behind your need for money or your resistance against money. These insights will transform your attitude towards money. The lessons help you to find your best way to deal with money. If you deal well with money, you can give money the adequate place in your life and enjoy it when you have it. Then maybe you will even attract it.

You benefit from my experiences of 40 years of working as a therapist with NLP, hypnotherapy and family constellations. Many exercises from these fields lead you to new insights.

Relax with money and enjoy it!

Expected Outcomes

  1. You find out what you really search through money
  2. You explore your needs for safety, power, status, love and freedom
  3. You understand how society and your family impacts your attitude to money
  4. You transform unconscious loyalty in your family related to money
  5. You see how money fosters or destroys motivation and engagement
  6. You find out how to get the most joy out of your money