More Breath-Less Stress. Breathing To Relieve Tension.

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Course Description

Do any of these feel familiar? Frustration, anxiety, stress, stagnation, holding the weight of responsibility, chronic worrying, overthinking, trouble sleeping or switching off, feeling under pressure?

Breathwork is the key to managing our emotional states and is one of the most effective techniques available to us for resolving emotional distress.

If you are looking for an introduction to breath awareness and are eager to find a stress relief solution that is healthy, sustainable and realistic with your lifestyle and time schedule, then this is the course for you.

In this course we will be inquiring into:

Where stress shows up in your life?

How you currently deal with your stress?

How important is your well-being really to you?

Join me for this course and Receive:

  • A 5-day guided audio practice that is reusable

  • Daily summary video and email to guide you through each component

  • Exercises and Exploration to deepen your experience

Conscious breathing can not only reverse the symptoms of stress but gives us the opportunity to return with fresh perspective and energy to that never-ending to-do list and endless responsibility we pile on ourselves as people.

Breath awareness allows us to work with increased clarity in thought and overall a more grounded and calm way of being.

What you need to know?

The minimum time investment for this course is 12 minutes a day. This means you can do this course by simply reading the daily content, watching the summary video and most importantly doing the guided audio. You don't have to do any journal writing, this is your choice, but I, of course, advise you to, the more you put in the more impactful and eye-opening the course will be.

Each day is broken down into the following areas:

Text content, video summaries, downloadable guided breathwork practices for each day which you can re-use. Observational tasks and optional journal writing.

Expected Outcomes

  1. A clearer idea of where stress shows up in your life?
  2. A deeper observation of your habitual breathing habits and how you might optimise your breath more in life for increased well being.
  3. Two breathwork techniques, knowledge of their unique benefits and how to integrate them into your day.
  4. A daily breathwork practise which is achievable and realistic even with the busiest of schedules.
  5. The ability to reconnect and check in with yourself.
  6. Support with how to better cope with stress and anxiety.
  7. Action to take in moments of stress or tension – The ‘in the moment’ antidote.
  8. An increased awareness on how your breath can change in different situations and how you can regulate it.
  9. How to make time for yourself.
  10. The ability to be more grounded in daily life.