Motivation Hacking

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Course Description

The Instruction Manual For Life You Should Have Been Given

Do you find yourself struggling to figure out what you really want in life? Or do you know exactly what you want, but can't ever get it because you're trapped by fears, unwanted thoughts, and unshakeable habits?

Are you successful in certain areas, but still feel like something is missing in your relationships, finances, physical health, or overall happiness?

No matter what your challenge is, the root cause of why we get stuck in any area of life is fundamentally the same. The good news is that when you understand what's really been secretly holding you back, you'll finally have the map for how to escape. You're about to discover:

  • The secret to getting answers when you're feeling lost, confused, and have no idea what to do or where to even begin
  • How to tap into your inner strength to experience more motivation, happiness, and fulfillment on demand - regardless of what's happening in your life
  • How to get whatever you want, even if you're stressed out, busy, or have a million excuses
  • What the six things are that drive all of your behavior and how to tap into them to reprogram any thought or habit on a neurological level
  • What the most common fear is that holds people back, and why you'll never overcome it until you understand this one simple thing
  • Why a force stronger than willpower may be the missing link to getting yourself out of any rut.
  • Why much of the great advice you've heard, especially from self-help and personal development gurus, may be the very thing that's keeping you stuck.
  • Why looking to find your life's purpose is almost always going to backfire on you.

Is This Just Another One Of Those Courses That Says Success Is Easy?

While many things in life are simple in concept, they're not always easy to do.

I feel it can be doing a disservice to some to have marketing that says everything is super easy. Then when a person "fails," they beat themselves up because they couldn't even do the "easy" things. This leads to further hopelessness, or at least instills an attitude that hard work isn't required.

However, I do believe many things in this course are practical and relatively "easy" with practice. This is why I say if you practice what's in here, it may become "easier done than said" instead of "easier said than done."

You must understand this however...

If you're willing to do what's hard, it will be easy. If you're only willing to do what's easy, it will be hard.

Once you become comfortable with discomfort, your ability to stretch your current capacity becomes greatly expanded.

Yes, I'm well away I market this as being simple, and even say many things are "doable" and don't automatically elicit an "easier said than done" response.

Is There Any Guarantee This Will Work For Me?

It's both true and false there is no "one size fits all formula." While I can't offer strategies that work for everyone, I can share universal principles that you can apply to get results.

Those results may not show up instantly, but they will show up with perseverance. Like a rocket needing constant propulsion before it reaches outer space.

Beyond that, a primary goal of this course is to unlock your OWN inner creativity and problem solving abilities. This won't be me telling you a bunch of things to do and not do, but you finding for yourself your own answers.

No matter what, there's a money back guarantee that I stand behind. So the worst thing that happens is you get some interesting psychological insights and food for thought and get your money back, and the best thing is your life is radically transformed for the better.

You Have A Choice To Make...

There are many courses out there that can give you the education you need, and many mentors I've learned from. I believe this is one of the best distillations of all that knowledge. I believe those who come on board will be very happy with their choice, and for those who don't, I honor that and hope you find the insights you need from somewhere else.

However, you must remember this choice you have...

You can either choose to educate yourself and learn the principles of success through the wisdom of others and your own application of principles...

Or you can choose ignorance and simply hope that life hands you success without you having to figure out how to achieve it. Perhaps having to learn from mistake after mistake until you put the pieces together after losing so much. I warn you, this path has not worked for many.

Now is your time to decide, education or ignorance?

Expected Outcomes

  1. Identify exactly what's holding you back by digging to the root of major challenges.
  2. Discover which of the 6 human needs is driving your behavior the most - and tap into them for more motivation.
  3. Change your language patterns to reprogram your thinking.
  4. Get whatever you want even if you're stressed out, busy, or have a million excuses.
  5. Tap into the force stronger than willpower for unstoppable motivation.