MS Access Macros Series 4

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Course Description

  • This series is for those students who want to automate their access tasks by learning the in built access macros

  • Basic -intermediate and Advance level Macros explained in detail

  • How to use message boxes and input boxes with practical situations

  • Use of dynamic IF conditions using "AND" "OR" operators with else if

  • Know the data import and export from outer applications like ms excel, text files and databases like ms access itself.

  • Learn about Auto-Keys and Auto Exec macros - their use

  • How to run queries, open tables and open forms

  • how to call one macro from other. How we can create a single macro which performs many actions in one go

Expected Outcomes

  1. Students will learn so many essential access macros used in MIS which do not need any VBA.
  2. These in built macros can automate your day to day work.