MS Access Table and Queries Series 1

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Course Description

  • This course is talking about MS ACCESS TABLES and QUERIES in detail. Program is for those students who want to learn ms access and take their knowledge to new heights.

  • What are the Tables- Their use, how to design them.

  • Why we use the Tables- Import and Export the data from external sources like text file, excel file, csv files and other sources like ms access itself.

  • Use of saving import and export steps

  • Validation and rules concept while designing the Tables - in depth discussion

  • Select query with so many different examples including the SQL statement of same

  • Update - Delete- Append- cross tab- Make Table - update - drop query - all action and select queries are discussed with examples

  • Use of operators like in , not in, <>, wild characters (*,?) , between,> ,< signs

  • How to use query wizard to find out unmatched records or duplicate records .

  • How to use Group option in queries.

  • Use of Sub- queries.

  • Project discussion in the end so that what we have learn can be easily understood .How it works in real life.

  • I am available for any type of query or doubt if you have. All the best.

Expected Outcomes

  1. You will be able to store the information in access tables
  2. you will know the tables and different types of queries as well. Basically this course will easy your work when you deal with millions of rows.
  3. Complex information can be retrieved using select queries and data can be manages very well using action queries like update,append,delete, cross tab etc.