MS PowerPoint 2016: Advanced Features and Top Tips

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Course Description

This course covers Advanced Features and Top Tips you need to know about when using PowerPoint 2016! Applying these will help you create presentations the smarter way and get the most out of the software to impress your audience.

Whether you are a Student / Teacher / Professional / Someone interested in developing their Presentation skills then this course is perfect for you!

Completing the 5 sections you will learn:

  • How to use 3 new features through detailed demonstrations
  • Advance your knowledge of tools within PowerPoint 2016
  • Smarter ways to engage with your audience | Smarter ways to design slides

Features covered in detail:

  • Using Add-Ins and the Microsoft Store
  • Include Interactive elements in your presentation – real time audience interaction (i.e. polls)
  • Understanding and using the Designer Ideas tool
  • Embed and edit videos, Shorten Hyperlinks, Crop images to shapes

You will be able to apply these Top Tips instantly to your own presentations.

Take your PowerPoint knowledge to the next level.

Create engaging and interactive slides.

Save time and become presentation smart.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Learn Smart PowerPoint Tips, Tricks and Knowledge to deliver great presentations
  2. Gain an advanced understanding of PP features
  3. How and why to use Add-ins to your advantage, using the Microsoft Store
  4. Include Interactive elements in your slides - such as live polls with the audience
  5. Use the Designer ideas tool for efficient and professional slides