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Special Note : This course is based on Qt 5. Qt 6 is the latest version of Qt (Released in December 2020), and it introduced some changes that won’t work with code written for Qt 5. Threading is one of the highly affected areas of Qt. We will be creating  an update that takes Qt 6 in consideration over the next few months, but with this course, we highly recommend using Qt 5.

Qt is a cross platform application development framework , you can use it to develop applications for windows, mac, linux , mobile and embedded devices.

This course will enable you to take advantage of the Multi-threading and Inter Process Communication features offered by the Qt framework, using the C++ programming language.

You will learn and master different ways you can create and manage threads, give them work they can do in the background and let them report back to you when they are done with the results.The course won’t just show you how to create threads and use them to improve the design of your application; you will also understand why each technique works and the common pitfalls one comes across when using threads and  IPC in their C++ applications.

The lectures are carefully designed backed by engaging demos for you to try out the concepts on your own, right away. If you’re  looking to use Multi-threading or Inter Process Communication in your Qt C++ applications, this course will get  you up and running in the shortest amount of time possible. Here are some of the things you’ll get to master as you go through the course : 

  • Creating and Managing Threads

  • Sending Feedback to main thread

  • Thread Synchronization

  • Thread Safety and Reentrancy

  • Using Thread Pools

  • Qt Concurrent : High level Threading API

  • Managing Processes

  • Inter Process Communication

  • DBus

  • and more

Qt is the platform of choice for thousands of software projects, both open source and commercial,  including the one we passionately use to record our videos. If you want to use threads and inter process communication mechanisms in your cross platform applications, Qt is going to make your life a whole lot easier. Please check out some of the preview videos, and let’s get  you started using Threads and Inter Process Communication, in your Qt C++ cross platform applications.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Creating and Managing Threads
  2. Sending Feedback to main thread
  3. Thread Synchronization
  4. Thread Safety and Reentrancy
  5. Using Thread Pools
  6. Qt Concurrent : High level Threading API
  7. Managing Processes
  8. Inter Process Communication
  9. DBus