Multifamily Real Estate Underwriting Masterclass

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Course Description

Have you thought about investing in real estate, but don’t know where to start?

The numbers are the most important factor when purchasing real estate.

Always buy using logic and reason, never buy a deal based on its aesthetics.

That’s why we broke down every step in the Underwriting process to show you exactly how to calculate a deal when you find one.

Underwriting is one of the most important steps that determines whether or not an investor can achieve the returns he/she is looking for.

This is by far one of the most well kept secrets in the industry, and also one of the most powerful courses on The Investor Academy.

Would you like to be able to talk about real estate with more confidence and understanding of how a deal will perform based on the actual numbers?

If so, this course is definitely for you!

After taking this course, you will learn how you can start underwriting deals today!

Can you make me rich by taking your course?

Nope. This is not a get rich quick scheme.

Only you can take the knowledge you learn from this course and apply it to your investing strategies.

By taking the content from this course AND applying it, you will be able to underwrite deals. With this knowledge, you will be able to determine when a deal meets the returns you are looking to achieve. Then you should either invest with the sponsor who brought it to you or sponsor the deal yourself. Be sure to check our deal sponsor course showing you how to partner with other sponsors, build the right team, structure your own syndication, get a deal under contract, raise money for your deal, get financing for the property, close the deal, and find the best asset/property management.

I can learn all of this elsewhere, why should I learn from you?

Materials in this course come from personal experiences and investment knowledge of experts who have already been there and done it.

From owning 1,800+ units to passively investing in a TON of deals, our course instructors have exclusive wisdom to share about the dos and don’ts of syndicating deals themselves and what you should look out for as a syndicator.

Don’t listen to gurus that want to tell you the theory, but yet have never done it themselves. Learn directly from current apartment owners, get the behind the scenes information, and connect with the best of the best to build your syndication knowledge today.

In theory, you could do this on your own by, buying a ton of books, listening to hours and hours of podcasts, scrounging for useful and applicable resources that may or may not be reliable, purchasing an overpriced guru training, OR ….you could just take advantage of the experience from our course’s instructors to learn their tips, tricks, and action items to help you make the best decisions for YOU and YOUR personal goals.

What WON’T I get from this course?

This is not a business in a box, and we are not going to build it for you.

You must pay close attention, learn the details, and take action!

Anyone can learn the business, study closely with a mentor, read the books, and understand the business.

None of that will do any good without taking action. Once you have completed this course, look for opportunities near you, and begin taking action.

If you have any questions about getting started, look for our more advanced courses or feel free to reach out to our instructors with specific/focused questions.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Gain an understanding of what makes a GOOD deal through bullet proof underwriting strategies
  2. Learn how to analyze the Offering Memorandum
  3. Understand the value in Rent Roll and T-12
  4. Understanding basic deal metrics and how to put them into action
  5. Gauge typical closing costs to acquire a deal
  6. Learn how to calculate target rent analysis
  7. Learn how to analyze gross potential income, income loss, other income, total net income
  8. Calculating and analyzing property expenses
  9. Net operating income = purchase price x cap rate
  10. Understand debt service coverage ratio and how to utilize it!
  11. Buzz words: cashflow, reversion cap rate, COC, AAR, IRR
  12. Calculate a deal’s performance with different structures
  13. Understand the Preferred return, straight split, IRR waterfall
  14. Assumption deals
  15. Exit strategies and calculating when to sell or refinance
  16. Back of the envelope calculations