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This course contains NCERT Solutions to Maths Class 10 textbook for the following topics:

  1. Chapter 1 – Real Numbers

  2. Chapter 2 – Polynomials

  3. Chapter 3 – Pair of Linear Equations in two Variables

  4. Chapter 6 – Triangles (Will be uploaded by 20th January, 2019)

  5. Chapter 8 – Trigonometry

  6. Chapter 9 – Applications in Trigonometry

  7. Chapter 14 – Statistics

Note: Solutions are provided for all questions in all Exercises (Excluding additional exercises which are not from exam point of view)

There are total 250+ video solutions (7 chapters – 27 exercises) – More coming soon…

Note: Students who buy the course now will automatically get more contents for free at a later date. More syllabus adding to this course soon… So, buy now at a cheaper rate.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Learn to Solve any NCERT Maths question with confidence
  2. Learn concepts easily through solving problems
  3. Get Detailed Solutions for every exercise problem of NCERT Maths book
  4. Learn how to write steps for any Maths question efficiently to fetch maximum marks