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UPDATE: International case study lesson + bonus lesson on salary negotiation included!

Do you want to be in control of any situation you encounter?

Every influential leader understood the power of negotiation. Winston Churchill, Richard Nixon, Barrack Obama, Donald Trump and even infamous leaders such as Hitler and Stalin.

Such powerful leaders have forged the landscape of our history for better or for worse. Some rose to power bringing freedom and prosperity, while others left terror and atrocities in their wake. These influential leaders intuitively knew the power of utilizing influence and negotiation to advance their agendas.

Everybody engages in some level of negotiation whether at your workplace, among friends or prospecting for favorable business deals. This skill is applicable to almost every aspect of your life.

Negotiation can be used, interview situations, real estate, business, bargaining at stores or spotting deception and stopping it in its tracks.

Inside this program you will understand deeper level insights to the art of negotiation, think critically, human psychology, and ultimately how to arrive at win-win negotiation deals!

What You’ll Learn..

  • Body language

  • Salary Negotiation

  • Value systems

  • Types of negotiation

  • Power & perception

  • Technical aspects of negotiation

  • Human psychology

  • Weak points

  • International Case study

  • Bonus lesson: Salary negotiation

  • And, much, much more!

Negotiation is an essential skill that can greatly impact the quality of your life in favorable terms if you learn how to master it.  Whether its negotiating your salary at your workplace, requesting a pay raise, and creating favorable deals for contracts with sellers or buyers. This is a skill that can tip the balance in your favor once you understand how to leverage it to design win-win outcomes.

The scenarios are endless on how you can practically implement the art of negotiation to the many aspects of your life, buying a house, selling your car, investing ( million dollar contracts),, and even high-stakes situations.

Therefore, if  you’re tired of losing contracts, being passed over for promotions at work, and missing out on making genuine and meaningful connections, then I highly recommend you enroll in this program now and learn how to navigate in the complex world of negotiations.

UPDATE: International case study lesson + bonus lesson on salary negotiation included!

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Expected Outcomes

  1. How to get what you want through influence/negotiation.
  2. Influence emotions.
  3. Salary Negotiation.
  4. Leveraging “weak points”.
  5. The art of persuasion.
  6. Technical aspects of negotiation.
  7. Types of negotiation.
  8. Body language.
  9. And much, much more!