Neville Goddard Master Course - Manifest Anything You Desire

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Course Description

- - You are just One Step Away in Consciousness from making your Goals and Dreams a Reality - -

"Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics." - Einstein

Are there any areas in your life that you feel you aren't reaching your potential, such as within your relationships, finances, career or health?

Did you know that you are, at this very moment, drawing into your world whatever you are conscious of being!

So for your desires to become a reality in your life, you must enter into a new State of Consciousness that matches having your desire, rather than your current state of consciousness that matches NOT having your desire.

Life does not care whether you call yourself rich or poor; strong or weak. It will eternally reward you with whatever it is that you claim as true of yourself.

"It is just as easy to possess the consciousness of having your desire, as it is to possess the consciousness of not having it." - Neville Goddard

If you want something different in your life, things will change only as you change in consciousness. For consciousness is the reality that eternally solidifies itself in the things around you. Your world in its every detail is your consciousness out-pictured. As long as you continue to be that in consciousness, so long will you continue to out-picture it in your world.

Everything is energy . . . or Consciousness. So when you try to attain material desires, no matter what it is, you need to do it from a level of Consciousness, not from a level of material effort. This is why so many people do not reach their goals or achieve success despite every effort. If you are trying to create something, but your level of Consciousness does not match what you are trying to create, you will struggle to have it.

Here is an example:

A person wants to earn $10,000 a month working from anywhere so that they can have the lifestyle and material possessions they desire. But they don't know how to reach that goal. So here's what many people do. They search the internet for opportunities. They do online webinars, courses, sign up here, there and everywhere trying to find a way to their goal and, unfortunately, many along the way spend a lot of money and more importantly, time, doing this, just to reach an end result of not achieving their goal.

The problem is they are doing it all backwards. Their consciousness does not match the consciousness of a person who earns $10,000 a month, so no matter how they push and try they are not likely to achieve that goal. They won't attract into their experience what is needed to reach their goal, instead, they will attract into their experience more of what they are conscious of already being, which in most cases is struggle and lack.

And so it goes for every goal in life that you set out to achieve whether it be to lose weight, give up an addiction, get a new job, be in a healthy and happy relationship, have great, supportive friends and so on. No matter what it is, the way to it is the same, and that is through first attaining the consciousness of having that in your life.

"Get the consciousness first and the thing is compelled to appear" - Neville Goddard

You cannot attract what you are not conscious of Being, you can only attract what you ARE conscious of Being. Every successful person first believes that they are already what they are striving to achieve, there is no room for doubt, fear or not attaining it because in their consciousness they have already made it! So every door opens for them, every person they need to achieve their goal appears in their life, every situation that leads to their success is placed in front of them. Not because they pushed and shoved and strived, but because their consciousness of already having attained their desire out-pictured into their world drawing all of the people, resources and experiences to them that were required for them to reach their goal.

This course teaches you exactly how to get the Consciousness of your desire so that you attain your goals, no matter what it is that you are wanting, even if you believe you have already tried everything. The only reason most people haven't succeeded is because they've missed the one crucial element that removes them from the consciousness that continues to out-picture their former beliefs and limitations, stopping them from succeeding.

This course is for you if:

  • You have Goals that you want to reach around Health, Money, Relationships, Career or Spirituality

  • You are an Entrepreneur or Business Owner who has struggled to reach your goals, or you want to transform your business or your brand to the next level

  • You are on a path of Personal Development and have tried other programs and techniques in the past that have not worked for you

You will learn:

  • What keeps you stuck in your present reality

  • Why you have struggled in the past to manifest your desires and reach your goals

  • How to overcome your present problems and limitations

  • How to stop attracting what you don't want and consciously create what you do want

  • How to bring your goals and dreams into your reality

This course, based primarily on the teachings in Neville Goddard's Best Selling book At Your Command, will provide you with the complete method to create anything you desire in your life.

Quantum Physics proves that you DO create your own reality, and you have the power to consciously create any reality you desire. However, there are specific laws around creation that must be obeyed if you are to succeed. Most people will practice two or three or these principals and then wonder why they are not getting what they want. This just doesn't work. You must practice each principal, in the correct order, to materialize your desires in your outer world.

This course outlines what each principal is and how to implement it into your life. Not only will you learn each technique, you will be given the exact formula to create whatever it is you want in your life. You will learn the key reason why so many people who practice the Law of Attraction don't succeed and in just a few minutes you will learn the #1 Secret that stops people achieving success, and a powerful technique to overcome this, so you can achieve whatever it is that you want, EVEN IF you've tried in the past and failed.

You will learn what States of Consciousness are and how to consciously choose the State that is necessary to be in, to obtain your desire. You will be given all the tools needed to implement in your life starting right now so that you can immediately change your point of attraction and start attracting into your life the things you do want, and stop attracting the things you no longer wish to experience in your life.

By the end of this course you will have moved from where you are now, to where you want to be in consciousness, aligning yourself with what you wish to manifest in your life. Most people start creating new opportunities immediately, as soon as this shift in consciousness takes place, and in a short period of time they realize that they can in fact manifest any desire into their current reality.

I want you to achieve results quickly so this course is straight to the point and covers the exact formula you need to follow on a daily basis to overcome your present problems and limitations, and create a new reality for yourself. You will do a short lesson on each Principal and then take the action step so that you can implement that into your life immediately and start seeing results!

How do you know if this course is for you?

You may ask yourself if this course is right for you, or if you really need it to be able to achieve whatever goals you have set for yourself. Here is an easy way to determine if this course can help you.

Look back on the past 6 months of your life. Are you moving forward, achieving the things you want in your life, and most importantly, are you happy right now with the current circumstances in your life?

Take a mental image of the last 6 months of your life and place it in front of you. If you do nothing different, then your next 6 months, are going to be very similar to what you've just experienced, because you are still operating from the same States of Consciousness that you are currently in.

If you look back and see that your life hasn't moved forward in the direction you want it to, you haven't achieved the things you have been wanting, and you know you could be a lot happier, and be living a much more fulfilled life, then this course is definitely the turning point for you.

If you apply yourself to the techniques in this course you will get results. The techniques you need to implement into your life are simple and profound. Once you understand how the 5 principals work, you will easily be able to practice them at any time while you are carrying on your daily activities. You will learn how to create the experiences you want in life and stop attracting the things you no longer wish to experience.

The question to ask yourself is:

"Are you happy to keep on going with the way things are in your life?" How much time, energy or money have you spent trying to achieve your goals or reach a certain level of happiness within an area of your life? And how much more are you prepared to spend doing things the same way, only to get the same result?

What you are in Consciousness, you out-picture into your world. Change your Consciousness and you will change your world. By taking this course, you will change your Consciousness and in turn, change your life!

I hope to see you in there!

Expected Outcomes

  1. What keeps you stuck in your present reality
  2. Why you have struggled in the past to manifest your desires and reach your goals
  3. How to overcome your present problems and limitations
  4. How to stop attracting what you don't want and consciously create what you do want
  5. How to manifest ANY desire into material form